This 80% winning rate strategy need to use 4 things :
1) SMA 10 and SMA 3 on IQ OPTION
2) RSI 10, 70, 25 on IQ OPTION
3) set candle stick to 10 minutes on IQ OPTION
4) Best buying spot on IGOFX

Watch video below to learn how to usd SMA 10 and SMA 3 :

Click the picture to enlarge the picture below :

3 different Strategies for money Risk Management :

Strategy 1 : Always buy at USD5.
Suitable for you if you are :
- a beginner.
- if you not yet earn usd10,000 profit from binary option before.
- if you want to play safe with no risk.

Refer to the picture above, if the currency u play is giving u 85% profit, then if u trade 10 times but win 7 times only and loss 3 times, u still earn usd14.75. So if u trade 50 times per day, then u earn usd14.75 x 5 = usd73.75 x 4.3 igofx exchange rate = rm317 per day. So 1 month trade 20 days x rm317 = rm6340 profit per month! 3 goodness of this strategy :
1) it can improve your accuracy.
2) make u feel relax, won't cause pressure, won't cause nervous.
3) no need big capital.

Take a paper and pen write the Win, Loss, Date Time, Ratio as picture above, mark 1 on Win or Loss field everytime u finish 1 trade. Write down the Time on first trade. 2 benefits :
1) u can know what time is the best for trade, only trade at the time that have high winning ratio.
2) reviewing history results on paper can give u motivation to improve your winning rate.

A member asked : Sometime I got 7 win 3 loss, 70% winning rate, but sometime I only have 30% winning rate. I feel sorry to myself if I don't put real money to trade when I have 70% winning rate, so can I put real money even if I not yet turn my demo acc usd1000 to usd3000 yet?

I answered : I suggest u practice until your winning rate is 60% and above ALL THE TIME. Never less than 60% then only u can put real money to trade, but if u really want put real money now, yes u can put real money now but not greedy. You trade demo if continue win 3 time then faster switch to real account put usd5 real money to trade only 1 time, if win, then u earn usd4.25 (rm18.27) can buy 1 lunch at MCD already! If u win, u can continue trade by real money, see u can continue winning how many times. If loss just 1 time then must stop and switch back to demo account test the market again, if continue winning 3 times at demo account then only switch back to real account trade again.

Strategy 2 : Buy at usd5, 10, 20, 45, 100, 220, 500.
Suitable for you if you :
- have experience trading in binary option for more than 5 months already.
- earn more than usd10,000 profit from binary option already.
- have usd900 capital.
Be careful when u using this technique, it is easy to loss until your account become 0 balance. Do not use this strategy with WRONG way as the picture below :

Wrong way : Refer to the picture above, when u buy "Call" at usd5, then loss then u immediately buy "call" again at usd10, but loss again then u immediately buy "call" again at usd20. You will keep loss loss loss loss loss until your account don't have money anymore.

Right way : u buy "Call" at usd5, then loss, then u immediately buy "call" again at usd10, but loss again. Then u change to play other currency, buy at usd20 on other currency, if win then restart buy from usd5, if loss then buy at usd45. So u only have 2 chances per currency.

Strategy 3 : Divide ur capital by 10 and buy at full amount exceeding your capital.
Suitable for you if you :
- already hit 80% winning rate at 1 minute ago (trade 10 times win 8 times).
Please watch the video below to learn how to use this strategy :

If you want me teach u more skills to increase ur accuracy rate, then u must join become my member in iq option or igofx first. You can click my link to register account then create a demo account practice until ur usd1000 fake money demo account earn profit become usd5000, then only u start put real money to trade. U can register by my link. This link only can open by computer :

Posted by Zac1987 on 16 February, 2017


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