Please wait for about 3 minutes to let the all animations finish load before you can view them. Thanks

Please use your mouse to point on it and see the change.

Above animation is a language translator for my sister's website at When you use mouse to point on the translator, the hello kitty will say "Chinese" in very cute voice. And when you click on it, it will translate my sister's website to Chinese version. Cute and cool. Haha.

Above two animation are my msn messenger display picture.

Above animation is Flash base website that I have create for a client at RM300. And yes! It is portable website, meaning you can bring this website to everywhere. You can add it onto any website such as, and easily. You even can add this website onto a friendster comment, and send the comment to friend. You also can add this website as widget. Cool?
It is good and easy for advertising your products on many other websites, as you can display your portable website on the many other websites (for example, I display this portable website on my blog website here. Understand?)

You just need to copy and paste the code below:
<embed src="" width="670" height="455"></embed>

If you want to change the size of the website, you can change the value of (width="670" height="455") from the code.

There is a you-tube video added on this mini Flash site, please click on 2nd picture (Fire Ball) to watch the video.

On "Products" page, click on "Fire Ball" blinking picture also can go to see the you-tube video.

You can view this mini Flash base website at

Above animation is Flash Base Banner. You can use mouse to point on the picture to make it stop in order to have enough time to enjoy see the pictures and read the words, then picture will change continuously when you move away your mouse from the picture.

You can click the button to change picture to another, and you can click the picture to change it to other picture too.

You can use mouse to point on the picture on the animation above to stop it to have time to read it. You can also click on the picture go to the webpage, actually there are 4 different webpages, I just do this animation as a demo, so all 4 pictures are link to 1 webpage only.

You can use mouse point on animation above to hear what he speaking. Haha.

Last Updated on 29 December, 2010

Posted by Zac1987 on 15 August, 2009

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