Pictures below are all about my things. Human is very greedy, what we want for the beginning are just food to settle our hunger, cloth to wear and place to live. But when we see our neighbour has color Television and handphone, we want more than the beginning. So, we are greedy! We must learn how to satisfy with what we have currently. Don't try to be greedy, we must always remember the higher we climb, the more dangerous we face. We fall from lower place won't be so hurt, but if we fall from higher place, we can injure a lot, if fall from too high, we can die directly... So, don't be greedy! Please satisfy with what you have now!
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Who say placing the disks at CORNER SQUARES to form unassailable fortress then only can win?
x - - - - - - x
- - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - -
x - - - - - - x

Who say placing disks on
1) X Squares
2) C Squares and
3) unstable corners
are bad idea and going to lose?

Look at the picture above! White disks on CORNER SQUARES also lose!!! My black disks even put on X SQUARES and C SQUARES (dangerous positions) and unstable corners but still win!!!

Above picture shows the 2 of Java Programing books that cost me RM200! Ish.

Above picture is my desktop wallpaper. It resolution is 1680x1050. Click it to enlarge it then download it if you want! Wow wow.

May carpenter and furniture show offer me the price of RM6000 to custom make the cabinet that show on picture above. Expensive is because of too many 抽屉,If don't need 抽屉, price will be cheaper. Anyway, you can,,, search for "boitless rack". The boitless rack price is RM800 only for 16 layers.

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Posted by Zac1987 on 12 August, 2009


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