Do you feel your room is getting smaller? It is because your things are getting more and more? Do you want to sell some of them to get some pocket money? You can do it right now. You can advertise your used things to some shopping websites, when outside people go online shopping, they will see your advertisements there.

There is different between selling products on your own website and on famous shopping website. Normally people won't shopping in the jungle. They shopping in some famous shopping malls. You sell things on your own website is just like u opening a shop in a jungle. None of people know where is your shop. Thus you will get very less customers. But if you open a shop in a famous shopping mall, then you will have a lot of customers. There are a lot of famous online shopping malls. For example: and and and

1 - Capture photo on your used things such as cloth, beg, toy.
2 - go register an account at / / / / They all are FREE! You don't have to pay a single cent on them!

3 - Create advertisement there by upload the product photo, write the description about your used thing, and the price, your email and phone number and your bank account number.

4 - On your advertisement, you just need to write "Please email/msn messenger me at ( or sms me at (012-3456789) to tell me how much you have paid me to buy what product, your name, your phone number and your address".

5 - Then you just wait for few hours/days/month/year until got the sms from the buyer.

6 - Check your bank account to see whether or not the buyer really have already paid you.

7 - If you have receive the money at your bank account, you can go to post office to use post express or post laju to send your used thing to the buyer.

(* I suggest you to have a maybank account, since it is easy for buyer to find the cash deposit machine to bank in money to your account.)

(* You don't need to go bank to check whether or not you have receive the buy's money, you can sit infront of you computer go to website to check it.)

You can create animation to put it on your msn messenger display picture to promote your products too. For example :

Posted by Zac1987 on 27 September, 2009


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