Sunday, April 05, 2020
Star Bonus Bug mostly is because the Star_Bonus_Paid remark put on column star_bonus_paid on tbl_product_order in database.

Example, page Confirm_add_star_bonus.php
$query3 = "SELECT user_id, id, package_amount, approved_on FROM tbl_flamingo_product_order
           WHERE user_id = $userid
           && star_bonus_paid =0
           && status=3 ";
$result3 = $this->db->query($query3);
$rows3 = $result3->result_array();

foreach ($rows3 as $row3)
    $package_size = $row3['package_amount'];
$individu_total_package_size = $individu_total_package_size + $package_size; //for total up 2 packages of Chin Yoke Lan
if($individu_total_package_size >= 10)
//payout star bonus
//bug here, $individu_total_package_size == 0 is because star_bonus_paid = 1 already.
//company payout total 20% of star bonus, but when 5% star bonus payout, package already got remark star_bonus_paid = 1, so the balance of 15% won't be paid out. It is bug.



Wednesday, February 12, 2020
change profit and bonus payout day from 1 next day to 3 next day
1) application/controllers/secure/Flamingo_bonus_settings.php
2) application/controllers/secure/Flamingo_profit_settings.php
3) application/

To get mutured date function
              if ($flamingo_order_approved_date != "0 Package"){
                    echo date('d/m/Y',strtotime('+21 days',strtotime(str_replace('/', '-', $flamingo_order_approved_date)))) . PHP_EOL;
                    echo "0";

To get flamingo package purchase step 1 to 3
javascript is at application/views/member/Flamingo_product.php
php is at application/controllers/member/Flamingo_product.php
html is at application/views/member/inc_flamingo_step1.php

To echo $total_invested on dashboard
file 1 : application/views/member/dashboard.php : $this->load->view("member/inc_statistics");
file 2 : application/views/member/inc_statistics.php : $total_invested;
file 3 : application/libraries/Common.php : function getTotalInvested($user_id=0){}
file 4 : application/controllers/member/Dashboard.php : $data['total_invested'] = $this->common->getTotalInvested();

To edit show flamingo % from 9 to 11pm

Possible bugs :
1) time : flamingo package purchase after 18 feb 2020 only need check after 3 days show profit % and get profit.
2) monday tues wed thurs friday difference profit % (if else statement might have bug)
3) not show downline if upline account is inactive (mysql miss out display upline)
4) user who purchase flamingo package but not bfm package, rank = 0

Flamingo Profit % ON/OFF status at admin site affect :
1) calculate profit on admin site
2) show % jumping at time on admin site
3) show % on member's dashboard
4) payout to ewallet function

javascript function change_status(id, url) is save at

sample code to get multiple row records from database for each multilevel downline :

ctrl + F search keyword "diff"
update the following page :
1) application/controllers/secure/View_flamingo_bonus.php
2) application/controllers/secure/Flamingo_bonus_settings.php
3) application/controllers/secure/Flamingo_profit_settings.php
4) application/libraries/Common.php
5) application/controllers/member/Flamingo_mygroup_newsale.php
Note : becareful o.created_on, p.created_on, created_on

Css file path at asset/admin/css/wcss_member.css

Your Password May Be Compromised. Fixed!

Monday, February 03, 2020

If you found your website pop up this error "your password may be compromised" on google chrome, you may fix it by 3 difference solutions below :

1) Go to Google Chrome browser setting > security / privacy > disable safe protection as screenshot below :


2) enable "Enforce HTTPS" from your server like Godaddy, Hostgator, Siteground.


3) Do the following steps :

1) click the Red color "Dangerous" from address bar https there.

2) select the last option "Site Setting".

3) Allow the last option "Insecure content".
4) Close this tab.
5) Open the previous that where you see the Red Color "Dangerous" on address bar.
6) Click "Reload".
7) Open new tab and try register / login to see if the problem is solve?

Birthdate Numbers in the Pythagorean triangle m6 success number

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Meaning Of Numbers as per “Power Of Numbers”

One ( 1 ) is independent, leadership, self, alone but attracts backstabbers.
Two ( 2 ) is commucation, talkative, indecisive but soft hearted.
Three ( 3 ) is action, fast, aggressive, hot temper, impatient but spiritual.
Four ( 4 )  is planner, intelligence and posses wisdom.
Five ( 5) is direction, principle, stubborn, destruction, busy obstacles and emotional.
Six ( 6) is wisdom, wealth and family oriented.
Seven ( 7 ) is lucky and attracts supporters.
Eight ( 8 ) is responsible, busy,  stressful and hot temper.
Night ( 9 ) is success, business minded but greedy.

Meaning Of Numbers (Numerology) and Personality

Positive Traits
Leadership skill, independent, goal-getter, righteous.
Good communication skills, calm and collected, friendly.
Doer, proactive, clarity in thoughts, creative.
Good in strategizing, intelligent, knowledge-seeker, extrovert, puncture.
Good sense of direction, curious, good reflexes, loves freedom.
Wise, artistic, imaginative, strong family values.
Good interpersonal skill, good analytical skills, strong religious faith, lucky
Responsible, trustworthy
Optimistic, liberal, business minded, loves to dream

Negative Traits
Stubborn, self-centred, lonely.
Indecisive, timid, not assertive, soft hearted.
Impulsive, bad-tempered, flippant, mischievous.
Insecure, impatient, overly direct, slow.
Stubborn, destructive, short-tempered, impatient for improvement.
Materialistic, egoistic, proud.
Procrastinate, careless, indecisive.
Vain, easily worried, oppressed, lack of order when working
Emotional, unrealistic, greedy, not meticulous, loner.

Cannot copy paste on Photopea. Fixed!

Monday, January 13, 2020
Your suddenly is not able to copy paste printscreen / image? It is just because you have accidentally disable clipboard function on your browser. Please follow the solution at the below screenshot to enable the clipboard function on your browser then problem will be fixed. Watch the youtube video for the solution :


Saturday, December 21, 2019
Problem : Change from http to https :

Step :
Edit .htaccess file adding the following code :
    RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off
    RewriteRule .* https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]

1) go to cpanel file manager directory :

go to filezilla directory :

2) Ctrl + F find http and change all of them to https.


Problem : Edit page content.
Step : Cpanel > public_html/

Migrate website to new server :
Edit 3 files :
1) /application/config/constant.php
2) /application/config/database.php
3) /application/config/config.php

change Email Sender FROM for email verification :
file path : application > config > constants.php
database : tbl_site_setting > scroll to right find column Email.

php mysql code file path at :
application > controllers > member > Register.php

order package save poa into pdf file code path :

To echo $total_invested on dashboard
file 1 : application/views/member/dashboard.php : $this->load->view("member/inc_statistics");
file 2 : application/views/member/inc_statistics.php : $total_invested;
file 3 : application/libraries/Common.php : function getTotalInvested($user_id=0){}
file 4 : application/controllers/member/Dashboard.php : $data['total_invested'] = $this->common->getTotalInvested();

To echo $member_active_status on dashboard
file 1 : application/views/member/dashboard.php : $member_active_status = $this->Member_model->checkMemberKycStatus()
file 2 : application/models/Member_model.php : function checkMemberKycStatus($user_id=0){}

To change timedate timezone:

javascript and jquery file at

To check if package purchase date is greater than a specific date :
To check if today is 3 days after package purchase date :
1) mysql WHERE  .... && ((created_on < '2020-02-18') || (created_on > '2020-02-18' && created_on <= SUBDATE(CURDATE(), INTERVAL 3 DAY)))";

2) mysql WHERE ...
AND ((o.created_on < '2020-02-18') OR (o.created_on > '2020-02-18' AND o.created_on <= SUBDATE(CURDATE(), INTERVAL 3 DAY)))

3) WHERE... AND DATEDIFF(CURDATE(),created_on) >= 2

javascript function change_status(id, url) is save at

error 404 page not found
if u want to create a new page,
Step 1 : create html at view/withdraw_flamingo.php (must 1st character capital big, _ small capital
Step 2 : create php at controllers/withdraw_flamingo.php
Step 3 : add class and load->view at the php file that u created on (Step2) :
class Withdraw_flamingo extends CI_Controller
{ function index($tran_account=0)
$this->load->view('member/withdraw_flamingo ', $data);

if ajax error, then delete html may fix ajax error

if return 1 instead of 1500
then change
 $data['Rows1'] = $Result1->row_array();
$data['Rows1'] = $Result1->result_array();

ajax sort has bug?
file path : application/controllers/secure/Manage_flamingo_product_orders.php

$column_order = array('','','u.created_on','unique_code', 'm.first_name AS fname', 'u.package_amount', 'u.user_sign', 'u.auto_renew','u.status', 'u.poa_path', 'u.package_id');

The code above must in correct sequence from left to right fields on html table in views folder.

ajax echo database record on to html table
file path : application/controllers/secure/Manage_flamingo_product_orders.php

foreach ($Rows as $Res)
$row = array();

$row[] = $no;
$row[] = 'F'.PACKAGE_PREFIX.str_pad($Res['id'], 6, '0', STR_PAD_LEFT);
$row[] = $Res['created_on'];
$row[] = $Res['unique_code'];
$row[] = $Res['fname'];
$row[] = $Res['package_amount'];

simple database query echo on html page :

$placement = $this->common->getSelectedOneRow("placement",  "tbl_user_master",  "WHERE user_id = '".$this->session->userdata('WDW_MEMBER_LOGIN_ID')."'");

if ($placement['placement']  == ""){

SUM(amount) no need to use getAllRow, you can use getSelectedOneRow :

$withdraw_pending = $this->getSelectedOneRow("Sum(withdraw_amount) AS withdraw_pending_amount","tbl_withdraw_request","WHERE user_id = '".$user_id."' AND status=0 AND tran_account=$tran_account");

Select multiple records from database :

$withdraw_pending = $this->getAllRec("Sum(withdraw_amount) AS withdraw_pending_amount","tbl_withdraw_request","WHERE user_id = '".$user_id."' AND status=0 AND tran_account=$tran_account");
    foreach ($withdraw_pending as $row2)
            echo $row2["withdraw_amount"]."

If purchase package on sat, then wont get % jumping and profit on Tues, only will get them on Wednesday :

using mysql WHERE .... AND ((DAYOFWEEK(created_on) IN(0,1,2,3,4,6)) OR (DAYOFWEEK(created_on) = 5 AND DAYOFWEEK('".CURRENTDATE."') = 1 AND DATEDIFF('".CURRENTDATE."',created_on) >= 4) OR (DAYOFWEEK(created_on) = 5 AND DAYOFWEEK('".CURRENTDATE."') IN(0,2,3,4,5,6)))
     ORDER BY created_on ASC;");

or using php
$purchase_day = date('D', strtotime($created_on));
$today_date = date('Y-m-d', time());
$diff_day = date_diff(new DateTime($today_date),new DateTime($created_on));
//echo $diff_day->format("%a"); //haha
//if($diff_day->format("%a") > 60){ echo "yes"; }else{echo "No";}
//echo $purchase_day;
if ($purchase_day == "Sat" && date("l") == "Tuesday" && $diff_day->format("%a") < 7 ){
    $created_on = 0;

ajax call php function :

Search "drawCallBack" on page (inside ajax there). Paste the following code under this line :
//page loaded immediately check if 1st flamingo package auto renew is yes or no, then update all top up package auto renew in database
var arTp = $('.artp');
                        var arTpArray=[];
                        for(var i=0; i                            arTpArray[i] = $(arTp[i]).text();
                        var arPurchase = $(".arpp").attr('id');
                        if (arPurchase == "Yes"){ var oppAR = "No"; var currentArP = 1;}
                        if (arPurchase == "No"){ var oppAR = "Yes"; var currentArP = 0;}
                        if ($.inArray(oppAR,arTpArray) > -1) {


Ajax Datatable error / 500 error mostly because mysql syntax error,
you may create a html page try to query database by your mysql to check where is the syntax error.
Previous case was WHERE order_method == 0; is wrong, should be order_method = 0;

WEEKDAY : 0=Monday, 1=Tuesday, 2=Wednesday, 3=Thursday, 4=Friday, 5=Saturday, 6=Sunday

$last_top_up_day = date('d/m/Y',strtotime('+21 days',strtotime(str_replace('/', '-', $flamingo_order_approved_date)))) . PHP_EOL;

mysql update multiple rows

$up_data1['star_bonus_per'] = $v1_star_bonus = $this->common->custom_safe_string($this->input->post('v1_star_bonus')); $up_data2['star_bonus_per'] = $v1_star_bonus = $this->common->custom_safe_string($this->input->post('v2_star_bonus')); $up_data3['star_bonus_per'] = $v1_star_bonus = $this->common->custom_safe_string($this->input->post('v3_star_bonus')); $up_data4['star_bonus_per'] = $v1_star_bonus = $this->common->custom_safe_string($this->input->post('v4_star_bonus')); $up_data5['star_bonus_per'] = $v1_star_bonus = $this->common->custom_safe_string($this->input->post('v5_star_bonus')); $this->common->updateRecord('tbl_agent_qualificaiton',$up_data1,"id=1"); $this->common->updateRecord('tbl_agent_qualificaiton',$up_data2,"id=2"); $this->common->updateRecord('tbl_agent_qualificaiton',$up_data3,"id=3"); $this->common->updateRecord('tbl_agent_qualificaiton',$up_data4,"id=4"); $this->common->updateRecord('tbl_agent_qualificaiton',$up_data5,"id=5");

change all email address in database
UPDATE tbl_user_master SET user_email = CONCAT( `unique_code` , "" );

Array with value only, without key :
global $temp_paid_star_bonus_package; //declare at function getChildren() && function printList() $temp_paid_star_bonus_package = array(); //declare at function getChildren() $single_package_id= explode("#",$multiple_package_id); foreach($single_package_id as $package_id) { if($package_id != 0) { $temp_paid_star_bonus_package[] = $package_id; //add value into array } } foreach($temp_paid_star_bonus_package as $fpackage_id) //retrive value from array and insert into database { $up_data1['star_bonus_paid'] = 1; $this->common->updateRecord('tbl_flamingo_product_order',$up_data1,'id='.$fpackage_id); }

Array with key and value :

$member_got_bonus_already=array(); //declare at function index()
global $member_got_bonus_already; //declare at function printList()

//deduct previous already paid out star bonus
if (@array_key_exists($userid, $member_got_bonus_already)) //retrive value from array
{ //check array if this member already get bonus previously
$individul_paid_bonus_rate = explode("#",$member_got_bonus_already[$userid]);

foreach($individul_paid_bonus_rate as $i_p_b_r) {
  $final_star_bonus_rate = $final_star_bonus_rate - $i_p_b_r;
$star_bonus_receive = $individu_total_package_size * $final_star_bonus_rate / 100;


if($star_bonus_receive != "" || $star_bonus_receive != 0)

if (@array_key_exists($userid, $member_got_bonus_already)) //userid 123 => bonus 15# bonus 200 # bonus 39
  $member_got_bonus_already[$userid] = $member_got_bonus_already[$userid] . "#" . $final_star_bonus_rate;       
  $member_got_bonus_already[$userid] = $final_star_bonus_rate; //save member_id and bonus_rate into array, so later his upline will deduct bonus_rate from this array.this array.


//if want to retrive both keyand value
foreach ($member_got_bonus_already as $key => $value )
echo $key;
echo $value;

How to use Android Studio

Thursday, December 19, 2019
After install Android Studio,
1) Make sure your website server is https with ssl.
2) Make sure your phone and laptop has strong and stable wireless, otherwise will fail to run project.
3) If fail, then may try go to Build > Clean Project. Then run again.

Problem : error : Gradle sync fail : Javalang ....

Solution :
1) File > Close Project

2) Welcome Screen there click Configuration > Appearance & Behaviour > Android SDK

3) SDK Tools > Tick "NDK (Side by side)" and Tick "CMake".

4) Apply > Ok > Accept > Next.
More info at


Problem : Emulator loading very slow.
Problem : Error : The ADB binary found at is obsolete and has seriousperformance problems with the Android Emulator.

Solution :
Just opened "Android SDK Manager" Then it showed 4 Updates Available. So I just Updated it.

Then click Help > Check for Updates

If emulator on Android Studio is too slow. Then dont run project on Emulator, u may run project on your real phone. Steps :
1) Connect android phone with cable to laptop.

2) On Android phone go to Settings > About Phone > Tab "Build number" for 7 times to open Developer tool.

3) Go back to Settings page > Tick USB debugging.

4) Go to Android Market download App Vysor / AirDroid / Scrcpy / Samsung Flow / KDE Connect

5) On Laptop go download Vysor

6) Try connect them. If cannot then repeat Step 3 above.

7) Now you will see your real phone device appear Android Studio as screenshot below :

8) Go to Build > Signed Bundle Apk. Then Android Studio will install the apk into your real phone.


Change package name 3 steps :
1) app > src > main > java > webviewgold > gold > webview > onlineappcreator > com > (right click then select "Refactor" then select "Rename".

2) app > src > main > res > AndroidManifest.xml (double click to edit the coding):

3) app > src > main > res > build.gradle (double click to edit the coding) :
applicationId ""

add oneSignal id at :
app > src > main > res > build.gradle (double click to edit the coding)

IQ OPTION allow to close deal before expiry time

Monday, July 02, 2018
MT4 platform allow close the trade before hitting tp or sl. So I am looking for binary option broker which allow close the trade before reaching expiry time. Finally I found it. IQ OPTION has this function. I record the video below to show u how to close the deal before expiry time in IQ OPTION :

Note : This video is not investment advice.
Risk Warning : YOUR CAPITAL MIGHT BE AT RISK. If you dont have iq option account yet, you can register 1 from this link

TCA Peel instruction

Tuesday, April 24, 2018
25% , 50% , 100% TCA Peel - Trichloroacetic Acid
Suggested Instructions
Read Instructions Thoroughly Prior To Use

The Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) Peel, a medium peel, is one of the most popular and reliable treatments for skin imperfections. Trichloroacetic acid treatments can be used in varying concentrations from as low as 10% to as high as 50% -- The higher the concentration, the deeper the peel. When used in a controlled fashion, TCA peels produce improvement in collagen and elastin in the skin and reduction of fine wrinkling, acne scars, and dark spots. It will lighten or even diminish tattoos (depending on darkness and depth of tattoo). Tattoos progressively lighten with each treatment. Medium peels produce a deeper penetration than light peels such as glycolic. The drawback is that a medium peel causes the skin to appear to have a severe sunburn for about one week. A person having a medium peel must keep the treated skin out of the sun and protected with antibacterial ointment for about one week.

Warning to Client/Patient: Skin condition and overall health are factors in determining whether you are a good candidate for a TCA Peel. Whether pretreatment medications may be needed, the strength of solution to be used, and duration and depth of the peel should be determined by a qualified practitioner. Applying this product without proper medical consultation constitutes using it at your own risk. (The seller of this product is not familiar with buyer’s skin type, condition, skin history, or sensitivity and does not make personal recommendations of any kind to any buyer. Seller is not liable for negative or damaging results obtained by proper or improper use of this product on any person.)

Side Effects:
- The first week after the peel the skin may be red and perhaps swollen. The skin may also burn and may weep slightly.
- Peels can sometimes cause persistent redness of the skin and ultimate de-pigmentation, although it is rare.
- If used incorrectly, TCA may cause hyper or hypo pigmentation. Always do the patch test first. Consult your physician if needed.
- The most common side effect after a peel is brown discoloration of the skin. This normally fades or is usually reversible. Natural exfoliation will cause the skin to normalize over time. This side effect usually occurs only in those who have had excessive sun exposure after the peel and who are not using a sun block. Temporary hyper-pigmentation (darkening) has been reported on persons with darker skin tones, but does not occur in most cases. Stronger is not better when using chemical peels.
- If the client gets cold sores, a peel can cause them to flare. Client should begin taking Lysine 2 weeks prior to a peel.

Precautions to Clients:
If the client has any of the following contraindications, a doctor’s advice is recommended so that precautions may be taken if needed:
- Prior bad reaction to a peel or dermabrasion
- Past herpes simplex (cold sores)
- History of sun allergies
- Recent radiation treatment for cancer
- Keloid or hypertrophic scars (thick scars)
- People with significant immune deficiencies or healing disorders must consult a physician prior to using this product.
- Pregnant or breast-feeding
- Accutane use within the past six (6) months. Accutane should not be taken for at least six months after the peel either.
- Sunburn or significant sun exposure in the last two days
- Surgery or cryosurgery within the last six weeks to the area that is to be treated.
- Do NOT use on children. TCA causes a burning on the skin.

Warts, Moles, Calluses, Birthmarks and Skin Tags: Treating warts, moles, calluses, birthmarks and skin tags does not require all the steps as in a facial peel. After cleansing the area to be treated, apply a light coat of petroleum jelly to surrounding skin to prevent run-over when applying solution. Blot the swab so that it is not overly saturated. Apply the solution to the growths once, applying 1-3 coats and avoiding surrounding skin. 50% TCA works well on most growths. If the area to be treated is large (such as some birthmarks), just do sections at a time. The growths may turn white after applying 1-3 coats. Rinse off after 4 minutes. Keep the area moist with ointment or petroleum jelly. Fleshy genital warts and skin tags usually require only one application. Not for use on internal warts or growths. External use only.

TCA should be applied just once every 7-10 days on genital warts and skin tags. Most soft growths peel off within a week. TCA may be applied twice per week if needed on difficult moles and harder warts found on hands and feet (Verruca) only, but not on genital warts or skin tags. Avoid surrounding skin. TCA applied to surrounding normal skin will cause unnecessary burning and will require additional time for healing. 50% TCA is strong and must be applied carefully.

What to Do Before The Peel: Clients applying their own peel at home should consult a skin care specialist or physician to determine whether he/she is a good candidate for a TCA treatment. Various medications and hormones in the body can affect the treatment results. Clients applying TCA at home are doing so at their own risk.

At least three to four weeks before the peel client should stop using exfoliating sponges or buff pads. All forms of hair removal should be discontinued at least three to four weeks before the peel. Client should avoid shaving the day of the peel.

ALWAYS do a patch test to determine the skin’s reaction to the solution, starting with a 25% solution. Then determine the appropriate strength to use, weaker or stronger. Not everyone’s skin reacts the same to skin peel solutions. some peel more than others and some less. Also, using too strong of a solution could result in darkening of the skin and scarring. A full facial treatment with TCA stronger than 25% is NOT recommended. 12-25% TCA works best for most skin issues. For external use only.

To Dilute (Approximates):
For a 50% Solution: Mix 1 part 100% TCA with 1 part purified water (example: 1 capful TCA with 1 capful water).
For a 37% Solution: Mix 1 part 50% TCA with ½ part purified water.
For a 25% Solution: Mix 1 part 50% TCA with 1 part purified water.
For a 12% Solution: Mix 1 part 50% TCA with 3 parts water.

(For variations just add a little more or less water.) Do NOT use metal or plastic bottles, bowls or utensils for mixing. Glass is best.

Patch Test: Apply 25% TCA to a small area on or close to the area you wish to treat. Rinse it off after 3 minutes, pat dry, and apply ointment. Treat it as you would the full peel, by keeping it moist each day with ointment, keeping it out of the sun, and allowing it to peel on its own. If the area tested does well and gives the results you are looking for, the strength you used should be fine for the full treatment. If not, then adjust the strength accordingly. If the patch test burns more than is bearable, causes swelling or blisters, rinse the solution off immediately and do not proceed with the full treatment without consulting your skin doctor.

Procedure: First cleanse the skin with a mild cleanser and degrease the skin with an alcohol prep pad. For extra protection, you may want to apply a small amount of ointment around the eyes to protect that area. A full treatment with 50% TCA is NOT recommended - Using too strong a solution may result in scarring or discoloration. Skin around the eye area is thinner; a weaker solution should be used there. Avoid getting the solution too close to the eyes. After examining the patch test and determining what strength to use, apply an even coat of the TCA solution using a cotton swab or pad. Do not treat too large of an area; full back or arms should be done in sections. Do not scrub any areas with the swab that may need more exfoliation than others. You may dab a second and third coat of TCA to problem areas as needed. The skin should “frost” or turn white temporarily, which indicates that the solution is penetrating and processing well. (This is normal and will subside. The frost will fade within 20-30 minutes after the treatment). The solution will be left on the skin for several minutes (3-4), depending on the skin type, condition, and results desired. The skin will experience a burning sensation, but will lessen as the minutes go by. Rinse the treated area with cool water and apply cool compresses (water dampened cloths) after the 3-4 minute application, gently blotting the skin to remove excess solution and to cool the skin. Do not rub the area, as it is now somewhat sensitive. A neutralizer is not necessary, but if you prefer to use one you may make a neutralizing solution by mixing 1 cup water with three teaspoons baking soda; simply apply it several times with a cotton pad on the treated area. Leave on five minutes, then rinse. The treated area will soon begin to take on a pink/brownish color. Persons with darker skin tones may notice the skin turning dark brown, gray or black. Next apply a thin coat of protective antibacterial ointment. During this time the skin will begin to feel better, although a very slight burning sensation may continue for a while. Apply TCA only once, using 1-3 coats. Do not apply daily or weekly. Post Treatment Care: For 7-12 days after the peel, clean the skin with warm water using the mild liquid cleanser. Use fingertips (not a wash cloth) since the skin is very sensitive at this time. Avoid the use of abrasive or exfoliating sponges. After cleansing, pat dry with a clean towel, and then apply ointment to keep the exfoliating skin soft and the new skin protected. Skin may feel tight and/or itchy during this time.

The skin will turn brown, wrinkle up, and crust, much like a bad sunburn. It is this browned outer layer of skin that is in the process of exfoliating. Keep it moist each day with ointment. Do not peel, pick, or scratch the exfoliating skin. Advil, Nuprin, or Ibuprofen (200 mg) may be taken 3-4 times daily with food to reduce swelling and discomfort, if needed. The treated area may peel more than once.

Very important: Avoid sun exposure -- this includes tanning beds. Sunlight on t he skin after a peel can cause brown discoloration of the new skin. A sunscreen of SPF 25 or higher should be applied every morning before going outdoors. With trichloroacetic acid peels, scarring and brown discoloration of the skin is unlikely unless the client goes to a tanning salon after having the treatment or lies out in the sun. Daily sunscreen use should continue indefinitely to prevent new photo damage from occurring. The new skin will have a pinkish color for several days, perhaps weeks after the peel (depending on solution strength and skin condition). If there is persistent redness in an area that doesn’t seem to be fading after the first few weeks, let the doctor know. Persistent redness of the skin can lead to brown discoloration of the red area and a scar if it is not treated right away. This is very rare.

For a minimum of one month after the peel, do not have hair removed by any technique. It can cause severe irritation of the skin. Make-up application may be resumed one week after the peel, provided there is no crusting or tenderness.

Touch-ups or a second peel may be needed after the initial peel. Subsequent peels may be applied within 3-4 weeks or as soon as the treated skin has totally healed. Skin should be completely healed (no redness) from the previous treatment before reapplying. The smaller the area treated the quicker the peeling and healing time.


25% TCA Peel Treatment

When applying a full facial 25% TCA peel expect the skin to look similar to this by mid-treatment. The exfoliating skin should not be pulled or picked at. Pulling on the skin may damage the new underlying skin and/or cause scarring. TCA stronger than 25% should never be used for full facial peels or on large sections of the body unless applied by a physician.

After the treated skin peels the new skin will appear pink for 1-4 weeks or longer. A quality sun block should be used for at least 30 days to prevent sun damage on the new healing skin.

Removes Tattoos with a series of peels :

Tattoos :
Depending on the depth and color of tattoos, a series of peels will be required. The first peel may cause the tattoo to appear brighter or more vivid since it is removing the outer dead layer of skin which covers the tattoo. Subsequent peels will remove deeper layers with color, gradually removing the tattoo pigment. You may reapply every 3-4 weeks or as soon as the skin has completely healed from the previous treatment. The smaller the area treated, the quicker the peeling and healing time.

TCA Strengths :
The following strengths are commonly used on normal healthy skin for issues listed. Skin varies as to tolerance.
100% For Mixing ONLY. Do NOT apply at full strength.
50% Spot Peeling ONLY - Acne (not active), Scars, Tattoos, Warts, Moles, Skin Tags.
25% Medium Facial Peels - Hyper-pigmentation, Sun Spots, Dry Skin, Fine Lines.
12% Lite Facial Peels.

Skin and its reaction to various substances applied topically vary from one individual to another. Skin type, condition, health, history, and chemistry are factors that effect how the skin will react to natural or synthetic substances. Your skin may or may not react favorably to the products sold by this seller. Do the patch tests.

This seller is a reseller of trichloroacetic acid only and makes no personal recommendations of any kind to any buyer. Nothing on the seller’s website, instructions, or any verbal or written communication is to be construed as personal diagnosis or recommendation. Buyer or any other person using products sold by this seller does so at his or her own risk and assumes full responsibility. Seller is held harmless.


Sunday, April 15, 2018

Probiotics 益生菌
Promotes the balance the of intestinal flora. It may help in digestion, improve diarrhoea, prevents intestinal diseases and lower blood pressure and cholesterol in blood serum.
可以促進腸道菌種平衡, 不但可以幫助消化、改善腹瀉、預防腸道疾病, 兼具降血壓與降血清中的膽固醇濃度!

Step 1. Strengthen ─ There is a similar antigenic material in between intestinal flora and virulent bacteria. It may stimulate intestinal and strengthen the immunity.
第一步. 強化 ─ 腸道益生菌和致病菌有相似的抗原物質, 能刺激腸道與加強產生對病菌的免疫能力

Step 2. Restrain ─ The secretion of bactericidal substances may restrain the growth of virulent bacteria and putrefaction bacteria in intestinal, and improve the intestines environment.
第一步. 強化 ─ 腸道益生菌和致病菌有相似的抗原物質, 能刺激腸道與加強產生對病菌的免疫能力

Step 3. Absorb ─ The encapsulated active constituents of lactobacillus in the liposome through the advance multivesicular liposomes encapsulation technique is thermo stability and durable. Help to promote the growth amount of probiotics, against bad bacteria and cleanse the intestines environment.
第三步. 吸收 ─ 先進的雙重多囊脂質體包裹技術, 耐熱耐久, 不會被胃酸破壞, 迅速吸收, 促進益生菌的生長數量, 淨化腸道的生態環境

Other Ingredients其他成分 ───
Maltodextrin麥芽糊精, Psyllium Seed Husk洋車前子殼, Guar Gum Powder瓜爾膠粉, Probiotics益生菌, Sucralose三氯蔗糖, Plum Powder話梅粉, Hawthorn Powder山楂粉, Senne Leaf Extract塞納葉提取物, Wheatgrass Powder小麥草粉, Fructo-oligosaccharides低聚果糖

MERRIES BERRIES PLUS ─ 5 Weight Loss Laws 瘦身法則 ───
i. Health Caring 保健養生 ─ Improve acidicbody condition 改變酸性體質

ii. Remove Acnes and Speckles 祛痘祛斑 ─ Easily own a flawless skin by taking a sachet before bedtime daily 每晚睡前服用一包, 輕鬆打造無瑕肌膚

iii. Antioxidant and Detoxification 抗氧排毒 ─ Cleanse body within 10days, skin brightening and remove speckles 10天淨化體內, 亮膚祛斑

iv. Improve constipation 改善便秘 ─ Loosen the bowel in 4-8 hours to relieve constipation 4-8小時滋潤腸胃, 通便

v. Detoxification an Weight Management 排毒減肥 ─ Slimming waistline and flatten abdomen within 30days, weight loss and management 30天纖腰收腹, 減重控重

How it works effectively 如何全力發揮功效 ───
♥ Daily take 2L of plain water 每天搭配2L白開水
♥ Simple work out (walk, household duties, dance) 配合簡單運動 (走路、做家務、跳舞)
♥ Get sufficient sleep 充足的睡眠
♥ Normal dietary habits 正常的飲食習慣
♥ Keep a cheerful frame of mind 保持心情愉悅

Storage 貯存條件 ───
∙ Store in dry and cool place 產品必須存放在陰涼乾燥的地方
∙ Avoid direct sunlight 避免陽光直接照射
∙ Keep out of reach of children 請將產品放在兒童不能接觸的地方

Caution 注意事項 ───
∙ Do not take more than recommended dose. Take only as advised. 不要使用超過推薦劑量

Nett Weight 淨重量 ───

Product :

Price :

Postage Fee :
West Malaysia = RM 5
Sabah / Sarawak = RM 9
All other international countries = USD 6

Make Payment :
1) If you want to COD, you can meet me at Aeon Mall which is Oposite Tesco Alma at Bukit Mertajam for free of charge. Or pay me rm7 car petrol if you want to meet me at Auto City Penang.

2) Or you can bank in money to my bank account, then sms me (016-4833944) or email ( to tell me that you already paid money to buy what product, your name, phone number and house address. My Bank Account Information:
Maybank Bank Account Number : 107126074177
Name : Ang Eng Keat
Email :

CIMB Bank Account Number : 7022506793 (new) / 07350013857526 (old)
Name : Ang Eng Keat
Email :

Public Bank Account Number : 4529704628
Name : Ang Eng Keat

3) Or you can use Paypal transfer money to me, you need to extra pay RM7 to me if you want to use Paypal transfer money to me because Paypal will charge me RM7 fee. My Paypal email address is

Delivery :
I will post the product to your house address on the same day if I receive your payment before 2p.m, then next day or next next day you will receive it. I will use Poslaju for Malaysia. For International shipping I will use Registered Mail and u will receive it within 2 weeks.

Best Regard,
Name : Zac Ang
Email Address : /
Phone / whatsapp / viber / talkbox : 016-4833944
Facebook :
Blog :
Business Website :

Wordpress coding note

Saturday, February 10, 2018
install Steps :
1) Download latest wordpress

2) Extract WordPress zip to the C:/wamp/www/ folder.

3) phpmyadmin create database name "WP"

3) open your WordPress folder, find the wp-config-sample.php file and rename it wp-config.php. Open the file key in all database user (root), password, dbname (WP)

4) go to http://localhost/wordpress/

5) Install wp, password D*W6LsuWv^b)5Jxv9N , Username zac1987

6) Open wp-config.php file again and add/edit the following lines
define('WP_DEBUG', true);
define('WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE', true);

7) http://localhost/wordpress/ > Tools > Network Setup > email > Install.

8) at Tools > Network Setup > Copy 1st group of code and paste below step (6) codes on wp-config.php become :
define('WP_DEBUG', true);
define('WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE', true);
define('MULTISITE', true);
define('SUBDOMAIN_INSTALL', false);
define('DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE', 'localhost');
define('PATH_CURRENT_SITE', '/wordpress/');
define('SITE_ID_CURRENT_SITE', 1);
define('BLOG_ID_CURRENT_SITE', 1);

9) at Tools > Network Setup > copy 2nd group of code then paste it into .htaccess file.

10) click Appearance > Theme > search and install theme

11) click menus > choose EITHER Page or Posts or Custom Links then click "Add to Menu". So Menu is parent. Page/ Posts / Custom Links are chidren.


Two ways to create new widget :
1) Edit function.php in theme folder.
a. create new widget, go to directory (wp-content > themes > themes name > function.php).

b. write all php code at last line in function.php page.

c. Then go to Appearance > Widgets > move your new widget to sidebar.


2) Safer way bcuz wont mass with theme original code, create code in plugin folder, then activate plugin, then move widget to side bar.

a) go to plugin folder, create new folder name myOwn-plugin, then in the new folder open a new php file name myOwn-plugin.php then copy paste the code :
Plugin Name: Site Plugin for
Description: Site specific code changes for
/* Start Adding Functions Below this Line */

/* Stop Adding Functions Below this Line */

b) Then write your new plugin code at the middle of the comment line at code above. Then save the php file. Then go to plugin section activate the plugin, then go to Appearance > Widgets > move my new plugin

to side bar.

c) In the code, front-end mean visitor see how the widgetlook like. Back-end mean admin see how the widget at sidebar panel look like.

code dictionary :
The constructor, to initiate the widget
The form() function to create the widget form in the administration
The update() function, to save widget data during edition
And the widget() function to display the widget content on the front-end

add_action("wp_head", "awepop_add_view");
wp_head is like document_ready in jquery call function when document is finish load. wp_head load first before
tag in most themes.-----------------------------------------------------------

create database intergret plugin
You can check what is ur wp database name prefix by 2 ways :
1) in wp-config.php find the line $table_prefix  = 'wp_';
2) echo $wpdb->prefix ;

error Notice: The called constructor method for WP_Widget in phayupload_Widget is deprecated since version 4.3.0! Use

just replace $this->WP_Widget( to parent::__construct(

to register widget location for our theme
1) open new file function.php, then put in the following code :
if ( function_exists('register_sidebar') )
    'name' => 'sidebar',
    'before_widget' => '

    'after_widget' => '
',    'before_title' => '',
    'after_title' => '

body close tag should be at sidebar.php because side bar is the last element of layout

hide admin bar, just need to create new plugin

add_action('after_setup_theme', 'remove_admin_bar');

function remove_admin_bar() {
if (!current_user_can('administrator') && !is_admin()) {

change thumbnail picture size :
//Default WordPress
the_post_thumbnail( 'thumbnail' );     // Thumbnail (150 x 150 hard cropped)
the_post_thumbnail( 'medium' );        // Medium resolution (300 x 300 max height 300px)
the_post_thumbnail( 'medium_large' );  // Medium Large (added in WP 4.4) resolution (768 x 0 infinite height)
the_post_thumbnail( 'large' );         // Large resolution (1024 x 1024 max height 1024px)
the_post_thumbnail( 'full' );          // Full resolution (original size uploaded)

//With WooCommerce
the_post_thumbnail( 'shop_thumbnail' ); // Shop thumbnail (180 x 180 hard cropped)
the_post_thumbnail( 'shop_catalog' );   // Shop catalog (300 x 300 hard cropped)
the_post_thumbnail( 'shop_single' );    // Shop single (600 x 600 hard cropped)

add remove field at "Post a Listing" page :
I have apply css display:none on div of selling type field at plugins/marketengine/templates/posting-listing/type.php line 30

show grid custom post type :
Two differance ways :
1) install and active grid post plugin,  then add shortcode to theme/zeroengine/index.php by code below :
$params = array('posts_per_page' => 20, 'post_type' => 'listing');
$wc_query = new WP_Query($params);

2) redirect homepage to the page that show all products :
Add code below to themes/zeroengine/functions.php :
function redirect_homepage() {
    if( ! is_home() && ! is_front_page() )

    wp_redirect( '/wordpress/listings', 301 );

add_action( 'template_redirect', 'redirect_homepage' );

for display header slide on only 1 page that has url "listings" :
global $wp;
$wholeURL = home_url( $wp->request );
$lastPart = array_slice(explode('/', rtrim($wholeURL, '/')), -1)[0]; //get last part of url
if( $lastPart  === "listings" ) :
echo do_shortcode("[advps-slideshow optset='1']");

sort top menu
if ur menu links are from pages, go to each pages edit the order number.

post grid
if want add/remove description / read more button / date / author , go to Post Grid > Layout > Content Layout Edit > add them.

If want to edit Title font size, go to Post Grid > Layout > Content Layout Edit > Click Title, edit css

migrate from localhost to online web hosting :
1) download Duplicator plugin at
2) follow the steps at

2) Admin dashboard > duplicator > package > Create New >
3) if error "Error establishing a database connection", then open phpMyAdmin check 4 tables :
a) wp_blogs :
domain :
path : /
domain :
path : /funbuy/

b) wp_options :
siteurl :
home :
siteurl :
home :

click page 2 Then :
c) wp_site :
domain :
path : /
domain :
path : /funbuy/

d) wp_sitemeta :
siteurl :
siteurl :

Then edit wp-config file in wp folder :
define('DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE', '');

define('PATH_CURRENT_SITE', '/');
define('DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE', '');

define('PATH_CURRENT_SITE', '/funbuy');

to edit widget css :
go to edit the file at directory wordpress/wp-content/plugins/plugin name/ public/css/wpp.css

to modify layout :
1) you need to find the folder name. (copy any keyword from the website, search folder), mostly in wordpress/wp-content/plugins/marketengine or template folder.

2) on the website, press f12 on chrome find the css class on the website content.

3) use dreamweaver find the css class keyword in the folder that u found on step 1.

4) Dont edit the file, just create a new page on that folder.

to make ur website exatly the same as demo, u need to :
1) Apperance > Menus > manage Locations > Primary Menu set to demo menu.
2) Apprance .> themeoption > header > choose other type to match demo header
3) zip revolution slider folder, then go to slider > import > zip file. Then go to page > homepage > add slider to body content.

4) if woocommerce catalog image size too big or homepage product listings image size too big, maybe because all image dont have thumb size yet, u need go to regenerate all image to thumb. (Tools > Regenerate

Thumbnails). Or go to Appearance > General > Main Body Content Width : Container Fluid

For plugin and theme update in future, steps :
1) finish edit all plugin and theme.
2) clone folder into 2nd copy, rename it with Zac- prefix.
3) Deactivate original plugin/theme.
4) Activate Zac- prefix plugin/theme.
5) When future receive new update, update the original 1.
6) If website look weird, then clone original plugin/theme and rename it Zac2- prefix.
7) Activate Zac2-prefix, and move all my own codes into Zac-2 prefix plugin/theme.

Shop page not at center :
Appearance > Theme Options > Woocommerce > Archive Product > select side bar NONE

Edit woocommerce shop page :
Appearance > Theme Options > Woocommerce > Archive Product

shop page hide "quick view" button :
Appearance > Theme Option > Custom Code > and put
.archive .btn-quickview{display:none}
in CSS Code.

click seller name go to store profile, dont use default dokan store profile because it need user troublesome key in lot of infor for setup store during new acc registeration before login, somemore

differenciate seller and buyer, mean buyer wont have store profile page. I want both seller and buyer have profile page, so it is better create own profile page.

create php file must save in theme/template folder then only can appear at Page Attributes Template field when creating a new page in admin area.

hook lists :
echo $author_name; (pure php)
echo get_the_author(); (wp hook)

zac1987 author.php must save in theme root folder which has archive.php
the_author_posts_link(); (wp hook)

loop listing in a page for custom post type (product) :
'post_type' => 'product',
'posts_per_page' => 12,
'author_name' => $curauth->nickname
$loop = new WP_Query( $args );
if ( $loop->have_posts() ) {
while ( $loop->have_posts() ) : $loop->the_post();
wc_get_template_part( 'content', 'product' );
} else {
echo __( 'No products found' );
More arg parameters can be found at

If want to copy the output from 1 page to another page, u need to call the php function from theme functions.php. Eg : gearside_online_users();

All hook start from the example the_author_post_link() / the_author_id() is already contain echo, so php variable $blabla = the_author_id(); wont work, must add "get" infront of "the" only will work. Example

$blabla = get_the_author_id();

if u want to change the setting in any plugin, go to find the plugin page, see the screenshort or description.

if u want to add css style. Just go to deskboard > themes option > custom code > css.
or appearance > customize > css

cannot find any page in menu? Click page 2 because too many pages, so it might be at 2nd page or 3rd page.

dashboard > comment > tick display avatar

if hover link, see redirect to page_trashed, mean u have delete the page in trash, go to page > trash > restore the page.

if u think plugin developer block u not allow u customize by his code:
jz add jquery :
jQuery(document).ready(function ($) {

U can direct put jquery code to wordpress but it will cause alot of blank spacing on the page. If u dont want so much blank spacing on ur page, u need include jquery to the page in proper way. 3 steps :
1) include wp built in jquery file.
2) include ur custom file that has your jquery code.
3) wrap your jquery code by (function($){...........})(jQuery);
function theme_scripts() { //include wordpress built-in jquery file
add_action('wp_enqueue_scripts', 'theme_scripts');
function add_my_script() { //include my page that has my jquery code
wp_enqueue_script( 'checkProductAvtiveTabJS', plugins_url('/zac-hook/checkProductActiveTab.js'), array('jquery'), true );
add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'add_my_script' );
my jquery code must be wrapped by :

click "My Account" at top menu, left menu like order, download, my wallet, account detail, cannot function because need to go woocommerce > setting > Accounts > My account page : choose the correct page. The

correct page must has woocommerce account function (page > search "woocommerce account"> add it to the page > save).

hide breadcrumbs
there are 3 page setting to disable breadcrumbs:
1) appearance > theme options > breadcrumbs
2) appearance > theme options > woocommerce > breadcrumbs
3) appearance > theme options > woocommerce > single page breadcrumbs configure

if dokan page such as dashboard/store/my orders not working then :

dokan permalinks setting :
1) setting > permalinks > common settings : post name
2) setting > permalinks > product permalinks > custom base  : /product

Then go to pages > click "view" on dashboard page. If still cannot works then try following solution :
1) Pages > Search dashboard / order / store, delete those dokan pages > must empty the trash, bcuz if dokan detect the shortcode on page in trash, then ur new page wont works.

2) create the 3 new pages : Dashboard [dokan-dashboard] / Store Listing [dokan-stores] / My Orders [dokan-my-orders]

3) click "view" to test the page.

If still now working, then delete all pages, emptry trash, inactive dokan plugin, activate dokan plugin, create 3 new pages for dokan.


if wordpress avatar gone, open phpmyadmin > wp database > wp_usermeta table > find meta_key field wp_2_user_avatar, change it to wp_user_avatar. It is because multisite change wp_user_avatar to


if home page is not same as demo
then go to wp-admin > settings > reading > set homepage to static page > static page choose SHOP ( u need to create new page for SHOP)

if shop page not show products, mean ur post is not product, u need install woocommerce then create product, not create post.


Problem : pictures / images blur in responsive mobile view.

Solution : Download "Regenerate Thumbnails" plugin. Then use Google Chrome Inspector to check your website blurry image class = "thumbnail" or "Post-Thumbnails" or "Featured-Image". If it is "Post-Thumbnails" then go to upload image there click "Regenerate Thumbnails" and make sure Green color Tick on "Post-Thumbnails" as screenshot below :

Solution 2 :
Reason : you upload photo is too small size, so wordpress cannot resize it to thumbnail and featured image.

Solution : So you need to upload bigger size photo, so that wordpress can resize it to thumbnail size. Your picture won't be blurry if using the thumbnail photo that been Resized by Wordpress before.

If still blur, then set the thumb size picture with css style="height:80px;"

If still blur, then don't use thumb size, but change to use medium size with css style="height:80px;"


TCA Soap rm29

Saturday, February 10, 2018
Buy TCA Soap price for sale in Malaysia

==================================== Effect as early as 24 hours
TCA PEEL SOAP INFORMULATED from KOREA MULTIVITAMIN which was originally used extensively in the field of cosmetic beauty treatments is now formulated in the form of soap that will whitening your skin without blemish PERSIS KOREA.
✔ Skin Whitening
✔ No more pigmentation (Freckles, Scars & More)
✔ Minimize pores (Airbrush Skin)
✔ Stretching the skin
✔ Clean free ance & freckles
✔ Removes dead cells
✔ Skin free of blackhead & whitehead
✔ Fixing oily face skin problem.
Ingredients: Korean Glutathione, Multivitamin korea, TCA, AHA, Vitamin (A, C, E),
Korea Cindella, Korea Kojic Diamond.

Product :
TCA Soap

Price :
Postage Fee :
West Malaysia = RM 5
Sabah / Sarawak = RM 9
All other international countries = USD 6

Make Payment :
1) If you want to COD, you can meet me at Aeon Mall which is Oposite Tesco Alma at Bukit Mertajam for free of charge. Or pay me rm7 car petrol if you want to meet me at Auto City Penang.

2) Or you can bank in money to my bank account, then sms me (016-4833944) or email ( to tell me that you already paid money to buy what product, your name, phone number and house address. My Bank Account Information:
Maybank Bank Account Number : 107126074177
Name : Ang Eng Keat
Email :

CIMB Bank Account Number : 7022506793 (new) / 07350013857526 (old)
Name : Ang Eng Keat
Email :

Public Bank Account Number : 4529704628
Name : Ang Eng Keat

3) Or you can use Paypal transfer money to me, you need to extra pay RM7 to me if you want to use Paypal transfer money to me because Paypal will charge me RM7 fee. My Paypal email address is

Delivery :
I will post the product to your house address on the same day if I receive your payment before 2p.m, then next day or next next day you will receive it. I will use Poslaju for Malaysia. For International shipping I will use Registered Mail and u will receive it within 2 weeks.
Ps : I'm a trusted seller, you can see I have received many positive comments from the buyers at my ebay account

Best Regard,
Name : Zac Ang
Email Address : /
Phone / whatsapp / viber / talkbox : 016-4833944
Facebook :
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Ebay :
Business Website :

Enter your email address:

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