Do you want to hire me to develop website for you ?

For self-hosting website :
Dynamic Website - I charge you RM900 with more features such as register and login, shopping cart and so on. For example,
Static Website - I charge you RM300 for 10 pages.
(*note : I can assistant you buy web host + domain name, normally web hosting fee is RM180 per year which free you 1 domain name. I used this package for my

For develop a blogspot site :
Blogspot server is free for public, you don't need to buy a web hosting and you don't need to buy a domain name.
I charge you RM700 if you want me develop a website at Blogspot server like
I charge you RM500 if you want me develop a blog site like
I charge you RM300 if you want me develop a blog site like
I charge you RM500 if you want me develop a blog site like

For develop a Flash base site :
I charge you around RM300 to RM500 depend on how complex is the Flash site you want.
The sample of Flash site that I have created at RM500 is :

The samples of my works: weeks to complete because I am using old way to develop this site, writing programing language coding with php, html, css, javascript without using template, charge RM900 because it is dynamic site that has member register/log in/log out/ shopping cart and so on.) days to complete, charge RM700) days to complete, charge RM500) days to complete, charge RM300) days complete, charge RM500). day complete, charge RM500). day complete, charge RM500). day complete, charge RM500). days complete, charge RM500).

All websites above are 100% fully created by myself. allows users log in and log out, place order, send message, has shopping cart feature, when customer paid money to buy a item, the item quantity will auto reduce by 1. When the quantity is 0, meaning no stock, it will auto disable customer to place order to buy the item again.

More information :
I can develop whatever website you want, such as Social Networking Website (eg: and, E-Commerce Website (eg: and, Video streaming sharing website (eg,

I use programing languages such as Php, Asp, SQL, MYSQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, Ajax.
I use tools such as Joomla, Blogspot, Cpanel, Wordpress.

I can complete your website around 1 to 5 days depend on how many customers I have currently. 1st come 1st serve as usual. Pay me deposit 50% of the price before I start doing your website. After finish your website and you satisfy with it, then you pay me the rest 50% of the price. You can direct pay me 100% if you feel go to bank for 2 times is very inconvenient. Haha

Last Updated on 31 December, 2010

Posted by Zac1987 on 17 August, 2009


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