1 - Microsoft Office (Microsoft word, Power Point, Excel).
2 - Mozilla Firefox / Google Chrome.
3 - Windows Live Messenger / Yahoo Messenger / Google Talk.
4 - Windows Plus Live (It allows you open and sign in multiple Wondows Live Messengers).
5 - Media player classic k-lite codec pack / VLC Player (they both are video player software which can play all kind of video files).
6 - TTplayer (It is a music player which can play all kind of audio files and its file size is very small, so start-up loading speed is very fast).

7 - Freecorder 4 toolbar. (It is a toolbar that install on your Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. It can download video from all kinds of websites, you can use it to convert video into other format without losing too much quality of video too).

From the picture above, when you click on "Video History" button on Freecorder toolbar, it will show the lists of videos that you have played before on the internet. You can select any video from the list to save it on your computer. It takes 2 seconds only to save the video to your computer, it is fast because it just move the video file from internet browser temporary folder to “My Document” folder. Do you know you-tube video auto-replay button is very suck? It need to keep reload the video from beginning after the video is end. Do you see a "Play" button of Freecorder from the picture above? You can click "Play" button to auto-replay the you-tube video by Freecorder video player. WOW.

8 - Orbit / FlashGet (It allows you download files from any websites with very fast speed).
9 - Nero (It allow you burn all kinds of CD and DVD).
10 - PPStream / PPFilm / QVOD (It is software to watch latest hot movies online, PPStream and PPfilm will slow down your internet speed while you are using it to watch movie on the Internet. QVOD won't slow down your Internet, you can go to http://tom365.com to download QVOD player. Then you can use Internet Explorer to open http://tom365.com or http://33md.cc, then select any movie, then click "Episode 1", then your QVOD player will play the movie automatically by itself.

11 - Roboform (memorizing your username and password of all accounts of all websites).

From the above picture, you can click on RoboForm button from your taskbar, then select the website account from the list. It will open the website account and enter the username and password automatically by itself, it you don't need to type your username and password and you don't need to click "login" button anymore. WOW.

From the picture above, when the website asking you enter the username and password, you can just select the account from your RoboForm toolbar, then RoboForm will put help you fill your info into the boxes, so you don't need to type your username and password manually. RoboForm is a very good software. When you register and login to a new website, it will pop up a RoboForm message "do you want to save the login information of this website into RoboForm?". And before you format your computer, you can just send the RoboForm data file to your email as the backup purpose, the file size is 500kb only.

12 - Ccleaner (you can use Ccleaner to clean away all the unwanted and useless files on your computer, fix all registry errors on your computer within 15 seconds to make your computer can run smoothly and run faster without any error).

It is very easy to use Ccleaner, you just need to open it ten click 1st button to list out all useless files, then click 2nd button to delete all the useless files. It takes around 5 second to list out all useless file and 5 seconds to delete all of them, it is so fast and so convenient and so easy to use!!!

When you feel your computer is running so slow, you can open Ccleaner, click "Registry" button on the left, then click 1st button to list out all Registry errors, then click 2nd button to delete all Registry errors. It takes around 5 second to list out all registry errors and 5 seconds to delete all of them, it is so fast and so convenient and so easy to use!!!

13 - Photoshop (it is a powerful software to edit picture, design graphic).

14 - Winrar / Winzip / 7zip

15 - Acronis True Image (It is a powerful software to backup your entire computer. Do you feel it is very hard and wasting time to reinstall all the needed software after formatting computer? Normally it takes more than 6 hours to install all the needed software after formatting computer. With Acronis True Image, you can format your computer and install all needed software within 25 minutes!!! People spend 6 hours to install software but you spend 25 minutes only!!! WOW. How? It is simple, firstly you go format your computer, make sure it is very clean, no virus and no error and no rubbish useless files. Then you install drivers and needed software on your computer. After you make sure every software can run smoothly, you can start installing Acronis True Image to backup your entire C drive and D drive to an external hard disk. It is like copy your c and d drive and paste into the external hard disk. So next time when you format your computer, you can copy the c and d drive from your external hard disk and paste them into the formatted computer. The copy and paste a 30gb C drive can be done in 25 minutes, it is very fast, happy).

16 - FluxEye (With this software, u can know all programs in your computer which are downloading and uploading things from your internet, so u can know which program/software is causing slow internet connection, you can limit the uploading speed for the particular software too. Picture below is screen-shot of FluxEye software :

You can download FluxEye from http://2aek.com/inventory/donshare.rar or from http://cache.ourdev.cn/bbs_upload568426/files_10/ourdev_395773.rar. Then install it, then open it. (Tip : after you download the file, you need to open the file with 7zip or winzip or winrar).

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