How I post the product to you ?
It depend on the size of the product. If the size is big, then I will post it with Post Laju. If the size is small, I will post it with Post Express. If I post it by Post Laju, you need someone to stay at house to receive the product because the postman need someone's name and signature. If I post it by Post Express, the post man won't ask you to write anything, he will only hon you ask you come get the thing from him. If no people come out when he hon, he will just put the thing into your mail box. Post Laju and Post Express both are same speed, post today,will receive tomorrow.

When will you receive the product after you paid money ?
If you pay money before 2p.m today, I will post out the item to your address today. The product will reach your address by tomorrow. So, it mean you pay today, tomorrow you will get the product.

Tracking Number
I will give you the tracking number after I post out the product to your address. You can use the tracking number to check the status of product delivery process. You can click "Latest Sales" under My Products menu to see the tracking number. Or click here to see it now > Latest Sales

Why my tracking number show "no result" ?
Post Office not yet update the record of your trancking number to their website. They will upadate it after few hours, so you can try again to check your tracking number after few hours.

Posted by Zac1987 on 17 August, 2009


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