Check faulty and fix the faulty = RM20
I can online (messenger/ email/ sms) teach you how to check what's wrong with the pc. After find out what is the problem, I will give you the solution to fix it.

For Penang Island citizen :
If you want me go to your house check it and fix it for you. I need to charge you my car petrol. RM20 if you live in Bayan Lepas or QBM there. RM15 if you live at Pragin Mall area or Gurney area. RM10 if you live Air Itam or Falim or Greenlane.

Format computer or laptop = RM30
Please give me your computer driver CD(s) which come with your computer when you buy the computer. If you lost the CD, I can help you find and download the driver from internet but I need to charge you RM15 for this. After I have your computer drivers, I can format your computer/ laptop. Then install window XP or Vista or Me or 2000 or 98. Then install your computer drivers. Then install Msn Messenger, Mozilla Firefox, Nero, Winrar, Chinese language pack for your browser and computer. Flash player for web browser. I need 5 hours for all of this.

For the 1st time I format for you, I need to spend 5 hours to do that. But for 2nd time, I mean if you want me format for you on 2nd time or onward, I just need to spend 20 minutes to do that. So if you want me format for you on 2nd time or onward, you can just sit and wait me to finish format your computer/laptop for you within 20 minutes in my house. Meaning you bring your cpu/laptop to my house and wait me for 20 minutes, then you can take back your cpu/laptop already, very fast.

Posted by Zac1987 on 17 August, 2009

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