Sometime you using your laptop to detect wireless network around you. You can see some of them put password on their wireless network. Do you want to hack their password in order to access into their wireless network to use the internet for FREE? Hacking their password is just an easy thing...There are a lot of software can hack it.

Use a software name as Backtrack. Please learn more about Backtrack at To view and discuss at Backtrack forum at

If Backtrack doesn't support your wireless card it would be a waste of time. The good news is most the tools on Backtrack can be installed to windows, look for the tools you want on the offensive-security site. click on the links to each tool and most of them have installs for linux and windows alike. so try airdump and aireplay. Or use the Cain and Abel program.

You can view a video tutorial to crack WEP Keys with Backtrack 3 below:

Posted by Zac1987 on 17 August, 2009

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  1. Anonymous Said,

    Wow. It works! Thanks dude!

    Posted on 6:42 PM, August 18, 2009


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