I got so many things not yet finish with my blog. But I am busy now, I have to work for my 2 client's project now, no time to finish my blogspot already. So I write all the things here to make sure I won't forget it later.

0 - Create a new blog with the same layout, then design it to flash base.

1 - make the top pictures slide show move itself every 3 sec. so the viewer dun need to click the next button also can the picture slide move itself

2 - deisgn for my entire page layout become 30% flash based blogspot site

3 - add in usefull tool besides the "song, music, and news tab"
usefull tool will be like usd to malaysia converter, cm to feet converter and so on

4 - search button, so that viewer can type in any words to search my post, save their time to click here click there to find the post

5 - disable right click on my Graphic Design page, so that viewer cannot copy my photos.

6 - show message "you not installed latest javascript" or "you not installed latest flash player yet" to viewer if I find that their pc has not install the both things yet.
the you-tube song and movie will always show "currect video is unavailable" if you don't install latest flash player. My cool design won't be able show if you don't have latest javascript (version 1.5).

7 - redesign my grey + black color top menu, because cannot tahan it look so ugly.

8 - add my presentation sideshow about introducing 2aek to blog.

9 - add photo slideshow from slide.com

10 - make all the image open new page, meaning when viewer click on the photo, it will enlarge the photo on other page, not enlarge the photo on the same current page.

Posted by Zac1987 on 23 August, 2009


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