I was thinking on why I feel so natural and normal if I hang out with a boy, and why I feel so unnatural and weird if I hang out with a girl. After much thinking, I got the answer.

Theory :
For 1 boy hang out with another 1 boy - The natural situation is talk without lovely and romantically.

For 1 boy hang out with 1 girl - The natural situation is talk with her to show the love and romantic. (Since the talk need to be lovely and romantically, it already limit the topic to talk, because some topic is not romantic and is not lovely. That's why you both don't have much topic to talk, so both are so quiet during the date, so you both feeling of unnatural and weird).

So they keyword is "love and romantic", and the problem is "love and romantic".

Solution :
If you want to have natural and normal dating between a boy and a girl, you can choose 1 solution from the following suggestion:

1 - you and her must become a couple, because when you both are couple, there are so much lovely and romantic things to talk, to do, to share, to enjoy.

2 - She must wear long jean, tight her hair up and cover it by a cap, wear r&b big size of t-shirt and talk like "yo yo, what's up man?!" pretend to be a boy to hang out with you, then you can treat her like your normal male friend to talk without lovely and romantic.

3 - You go shave the hair on your legs, and wear mini-skirt pretend to be a girl to date with her, then she treat you like her normal female friend to talk without lovely and romantically, so the date is natural and normal as usual.

Posted by Zac1987 on 28 September, 2009


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