I can so proud to say that I NEVER been to a pub, bar, disco, clubbing, redbox before. But after 20/09/09, I cannot say the word "NEVER" anymore (T_T). I didn't know that is a pub. My sister's bf asked me go to vote his friend in a singing competition at Gurney. So, I though the competition is probably held inside Gurney Plaza. So, I just go with him. Then, inside my car, he said the competition is not held inside Gurney Plaza, it held on a restaurant that near Coffee Island and the restaurant is look like a pub, it got sell many food. Then my sister said "he won't step into any pub 1". Then he asked "Har? can go or not?". I am thinking the word "it is look like a pub" that he said just now, so meaning it not really a pub? It just look like a pub? So, I answered "I go see first."

So, after 3 minutes, I park my car, and we 3 people walk to that so call Pub-alike restaurant. The first thing that attract my attention when I was standing in front of the restaurant is the restaurant name, it is a wine name "Heineken". I am starting sweat at the moment, then we open the door and walk into the restaurant, it is so dark, and got some sexy bar girls, and it is very small space to sit.

His friends invite us to sit, so we 3 just sit there. I don't even dare to order food and drink there because I worry they put the pill into the food and drink to treat us... So, I didn't order any food and drink there. Then I just sit there thinking "Is this consider as pub? or it is just a restaurant that look like a pub?", "should I leave now? or I must give face to my sister and her bf? and help him vote his friend?", "what will happen if I don't leave?". Yes, I think a lot that time. And finally I got the answer on my brain, the answer is "I must leave now, I don't care it is pub or not, I don't care if I disappointing you because I cannot vote your friend, I don't care my sister alone with him there since she always with him all the time for 6 month already, I got my own rule, so I have to leave"

So, after sit there around 10 minutes to think and find out the answer, I told my sister "I want to go Gurney Plaza video game center to play game now, if you have anything, just phone me", then I just walk out from the Pub-alike restaurant.

Then inside Gurney plaza, I was wearing a ugly string on my neck because the string already spoil, so I bought myself new string to hold my "Feng Shui" thing that wear on my neck. Just a very slim real skin string cost RM28!!! I promise myself won't simply buy thing in Gurney Plaza anymore! Below are the pictures of my old spoil string :

below is the RM28 slim real skin string that I have bought :

Then After buy it, I though the salesgirl will wash my "Feng Shui" thing because once my "Feng Shui" thing being touch by other people, it lost the power, they need to wash it to gain back the power. But the salesgirl just pretend know nothing, lazy wash it for me. And I just feel shy to ask her wash it for me. So I just say "Thanks" and walk away, I decide go to Pragin Mall to ask some professor to help me wash it next day.

After buy it. I direct go to Video Game center to play game. I spend RM6 in gaming center. I played :
1) King Of Fighter = RM1
2) Takken Tag = RM1
3) Takken Tag again = RM1
4) King Of Fighter again = RM1
5) Rock Fever = RM1
6) Rock Fever again = RM1

wow, so balance, each game I played two times. Haha. While playing Tekken Tag, my sister already come to meet me, then we play Rock Fever together, then go home. we reach home at 11.40p.m, and I was hungry so I ate the food that my mom cook in kitchen. lol.

Above incident is happen on 20/09/09.

Posted by Zac1987 on 20 September, 2009

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  1. Yi Jun =P Said,

    omg haha pub ! xD

    Posted on 3:33 AM, September 22, 2009


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