Treatment for Old Scars / Big Deep Holes / Acne scars / Boxcar acne scars / Icepick acne scars

Get rid of Old Scars / Big Deep Holes / Acne scars / Boxcar acne scars / Icepick acne scars

Remove Old Scars / Big Deep Holes / Acne scars / Boxcar acne scars / Icepick acne scars

Derma Roller is made up by many needles. It is a tool to remove pimples scars on face and body. It can resolve bold, regrow your hair too. How it works? First, the needles can damage your skins, then your skin will regrow/rebuild a new smooth perfect skin.

"The Scientia Derma Roller is an incredible device which naturally increases the levels of collagen and elastin in your skin. Stretch marks, wrinkles, scars and uneven, pitted skin are all due to a lack of collagen – so by using a DermaRoller to replace the collagen you can help your skin renew itself and repair to a cosmetic level."

3 choices for the needles length. 0.5mm is for face skin. 1mm is for body skin. 1.5mm is for thick skin such as stomach and ass skin.

Before and after pictures:

The video below talk about Derma Roller:

Videos below shows how they use the Derma Roller:

above video is crazy... it look so pain, bleeding!! omg!! because they use 1.5mm needles rollers on their face skin. If u use 0.5mm, it won't bleeding like that.

The review from a user:
"The product is called Dema Roller, and IT WORKS! Are you tired of spending money and guessing what solutions WORK for wrinkles? So many claims and not a lot of results is what I am used to. Wrinkles are virtually impossible to disappear, and creams are not going to get rid of them. I have suffered with acne all of my life, and I am at the age where the acne is gone, but I am left with scaring. I am the girl who is really good at doing her make-up because all I have done my whole life has been concealing flaws in my skin. So I know full well (most) of every natural and chemical product out there for skin care.

Before I got married I decided to go to a dermatologist to get a peel. Peels are fantastic if you want a lift in your skin. They are great in improving your skin (over time), if you want to stay on a regiment of a peel every 2 weeks. You do not have to spend the 100 dollars at the dermatologist, when you can buy mini peels online and do them yourself. At that time, I was 26, and my dermatologist commented I had severe dry lines that resulted in wrinkles around my eyes. Of course, I already knew this, and tried everything I could to get rid of them. He had mentioned that I was too young to get those types of lines, so I took his advice and bought the cream he suggested. I also went to the drug store and bought the best creams I could to get rid of the wrinkles. With my best effort over these years, they still exist, but to less of an extent. I have come to know that wrinkles are hard to get rid of. Possibly they are from dry lines, but with the very best efforts of moisturizing they still exist. I can see how many women are looking for serious solutions for their skin when some problems are almost impossible to get rid of.

4 years later I was still looking for a solution for my acne pit scars, and I was considering a chemical peel, which is pretty severe. It was in the upwards of 2K, and it took a good 2 weeks for your skin to recover as it removes a couple layers of the top of the skin. I was told it can get very bloody, so I was a bit hesitant.

For the last 2 years, I bought the best resurfacing creams, to buff away the skin, hoping the layers would even out, but that daily regiment was fantastic for cleaning but proved to be worthless for scars.

I did further research for a solution for acne pit scars, and I came across a product called Dema Roller. It is a roller with 50 or so little needles. You roll it across your skin, and the needles reaches the bottom layers forcing your skin into a state of emergency.

The roller needles puts little tiny punctures in the upper layer of the dermis of the skin -- causing a "wound healing process" to begin – and the stimulation of new collage fibers and other skin cells, like elastin, filling in depressed scars and deep lines.


I have tried it now twice. The first time I woke up and saw a noticeable difference, and was pretty excited, and then again , I woke up, and A LOT of my pit marks were filled in. I cannot believe it! I am going to keep using this product 2 or 3 times a week, and I know I am going to have the skin I always wanted. The best thing, is this product is fantastic for wrinkles, so it will provide major improvement for skin that needs a good lift, and skin that needs tightened.

Here is what I have learned so far. The best time to use this product is before you go to bed. Be sure to clean your face of any makeup. They suggest you clean your face with an antibacterial agent next. Betadine, (or rubbing alcohol, -some suggest, others do not) that kills any bacteria. You wipe off your face and begin the rolling. I put on my favorite tv show while I am rolling so I take my time, and it takes my attention off of the prickly feeling. I haven't "pushed hard" with the roller on my face, and still have seen a big difference. The roller comes in many different needle lengths, so I suggest getting something around the 1 or 1.5, as I purchased the 2 and the needles are quite long. Here is the exciting part. You can get the benefits of forcing natural Vitamin E right into your skin while you roll. The problem of most skin care creams is they are only topical. They cannot reach any father than the top layers of your skin, rendering them ineffective. In my opinion, I do use the Vitamin E on my skin while I am rolling, because it is a natural product, than a chemical. I feel safe using it on my skin while I am rolling because it is natural.

After you decide you are done rolling, you clean your face with saline solution, and you can then apply your vitamin creams and so forth. I stick with natural because of the amount of open skin areas.

After you are done, dip the roller into a glass of rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to disinfect it.

Dr. Philippe Simonin, a Swiss Dermatologist, performed a study on 600 people divided into two groups -- the skin aging group and the scar reduction group. Published results found that - in the skin aging group there was a 40% significant improvement and an impressive 60% improvement in scar reduction group. And this was only after 5 to 6 treatments!

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The Derma Roller price is around RM176 to RM300 depend on the brand and size. Website here:

I not sure need to buy extra cream to use for this Derma Roller skin treatment or not. I will do survey for it soon.

here are the websites:

If you want to buy derma roller, you can go to

1. Disinfect the area you are going to be using
2. Clean your face
3. Rub some kind of serum, vitamin oil like palmers, or moisturizer on your face.
4. Roll the needles GENTLY barely putting ANY pressure on it.
5. Work in an asterisk motion - 4x vertical (up and down), 4x horizontal (side to side), 4x diagonal (right corner to bottom left), 4x diagnol (left corner to bottom right)
6. Rub your serum, oil, or moisturizer on again
7. Clean and disinfect your roller (soap, alcohol, whatever is good for metal and won't infect your face)



The video below is teaching you how to use derma roller in the right way, such as apply minoxidil after you roll, not before you roll :

Video below shows his photos after 15th treatments :

Video below shows the before and after photos after 20th treatments :

Video below shows his 22th treatment :

You can view all his video from his treatment 1 to the last from his you-tube page :

After damage your skin by rolling, if you want to grow a new layer of perfect beauty and healthier skin, you can apply facial masks. Dainty All In One Collagen facial masks contain a lot of collagen to help you grow a new beauty and healthier skin. You can order the facial masks from here :

When you are about buying derma roller, please ask the seller how many needles on the roller? Some roller has 150 needles only. Some has 200 needle. You need 500 needles rollers if you want very smooth and flatten skin. I am selling 540 needles derma roller at RM100 (including postage fee already).
If you want to buy derma roller, you can go to

Posted by Zac1987 on 09 January, 2010


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  3. Anonymous Said,

    Nobody really understands the pain of acne scars... It is far worse than acne- changes the contours of your face, ages you, just makes life much harder in general. If u have active acne be happy u can still save yourself from scars. Because that is permanent, acne is not. U may feel gross but the majority of people looking at your acne will sympathize and understand since everyones had pimples. If u have craters people will not be understanding. They will look at u with disgust. They will assume u are a junkie automatically unless they have dealt with it themselves. Dont let your acne go, u will regret it the rest of your life. Getting jobs, meeting people, relationships, being in the sunlight, even the way your own family and friends look at your changed face will make u feel like sht

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    Do not use harsh soaps and work with mild cleansers.

    So, well, these tips will help you maintain your skin when you are in your 50s.

    Other to do’s are – leading a healthy lifestyle, staying away from smoking (which literally burns your skin) and alcohol, sleeping and waking up at specific times, avoiding junk foods, packaged food and processed food, eating lots of fruits and vegetables, exercising regularly and drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily.

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