Who can work for this job?
All people around the world can work for this job but only 16 years-old or above can do this job.

How to work?
1 - register an account from http://www.cashfiesta.com/php/join.php?ref=zac1987
2 - Download and install the FiestaBar software.
3 - Open the FiestaBar software and login to your account.
4 - The software will retrieve and view all the advertisements automatically.
5 - every 6 seconds will increase 1 points as long as the software is viewing the advertisement. So 1 minutes = 60 seconds x 1 points = 60 points. You can earn usd 1.66 per 1000 points.

How much you can earn?

Base on picture above, there is an individual payrate system based on the number of Special Offers you have signed up for in a given month and the payment method you choose.

I aim to get Gold Club which is usd 1.666 pay rate. In order to become a Gold Club member for a given month you have to collect at least 133 Gold Club Points (GPs), to have registered for at least 6 Special Offers, and to have at least 10,000 special offer points. Here is how you can collect GPs:
1. For each day you use the FiestaBar for at least 30 minutes you get 1 GP. (1 day can get 1 point only)
2. For each day you have at least 100 points from referrals you get 1 GP. (1 day can get 1 point only)
3. At the end of each month you can get max 15 GPs depending on the number of your 1st level referrals.
4. At the end of each month you can get max 15 GPs depending on the total number of your referrals.
5. At the end of each month you can get max 15 GPs depending on the number of your new 1st level referrals you have acquired this month.
6. At the end of each month you can get max 15 GPs depending on the total number of your new referrals you have acquired this month.
7. At the end of each month you get or lose GPs depending on the percentage of your new 1st level referrals who have been active in this month.

If I success to become a Gold Club member, my salary will be :
6 seconds = 1 point
60 seconds = 60 points
1 hour = 600 points
if you run the software for 6 hours per day = 3600 points

1000 points = USD 1.66
You can earn 3.6 * 1.66 = USD 6 per day
1 month = USD 180 = RM 650

There are some other bonus points that you can earn. Picture below shows 1 of the bonus :

Furthermore, you can give your website link to your friends to ask register an account through your website link, they will be your members if they register through your website link. You can earn some points from all your members!!

For example, I ask you register an account through my website link at : http://www.cashfiesta.com/php/join.php?ref=zac1987, so you click it and register an account for yourself, so you are my member/referral. So everytime your computer is connect to the internet, the software open and view the advertisement automatically, you and me both also can earn money.

Then you can ask your friends to register an account through your own website, so your friends are become your member/referral. So, everytime your friends' computers open and view the advertisements automatically, they earn money, you also can earn from your friends, and I also can earn from your friends. It sounds like MLM? Yes! It is MLM! Piramid of 8 layers!!

The referral points are calculated on a daily basis. You can earn 15% from the points your 1st level referrals got for actively using the FiestaBar software, 7% from 2nd level referrals, 5% from referrals of 3rd, 4th and 5th level, 3% from 6th level referrals and 1% from 7th and 8th level referrals. In order to get the most from your referrals you need to match their surfing time.

How to use the software?
What you need to do is make sure the boy is walking, because if he is sleeping, the software cannot view the advertisement, and thus cannot earn the points. So when he is sleeping, you need to wake him up, when he wake up, he will keep walking, he is working meaning the software is viewing the advertisements, and thus you can earn the 1 point per every 6 seconds.

You can click the picture below to enlarge it to see how to use the software:

How to receive salary from Cashfesta?
You must have a saving bank account.
When you register an account on Cashfiesta, please register with your real name that used in your saving bank account, and your real house address. It is because they will send your salary as a cheque to your house address, then you need to take the cheque to your bank to withdraw out the money. So, if your house address is wrong, you won't be able to receive the cheque. If your saving bank account name is not the same name on the cheque, you won't be able to withdraw the money from the cheque.

Cashfiesta.com members can request payment between the 1st and 15th of the month if their unpaid earnings exceed their preferred check size (when you registering account, you need to choose $50 or $100 on the "preferred check size" field). Unpaid amounts are carried over to the following month.

Picture below is 1 scanned cheque that paid my Cashfiesta to a people from Vietnam.

Here are some statistics on Cashfiesta payments: 
average payment effected in April - $77.26
biggest payment effected in April - $150.52 (Turkish member)
average payment effected for 2010 - $81.52
biggest US payment effected for 2010 - $108.02
biggest International payment for 2010 - $450.70 (Hungarian member)

Please register from here : http://www.cashfiesta.com/php/join.php?ref=zac1987 and please type my name "Zac1987" on "Refer by" field. Thank you.

My Reviews, Research and Comments:
Picture above show my status on 3rd day I work for this job. Please click the picture to enlarge it to see it more clear.

1 - It is very hard to register a special offer, because most of the special offers are not available in Malaysia and some need to pay money only can register. If I can't success to register any special offer, My payrate is only usd0.01. If my payrate is usd0.01, I spend 12 hours per day, 36 hours for 3 days, I can only earn RM0.50 only!! OMG! Work for 3 days only can earn RM0.50!! zzz

2 - Cashfesta says "The points from Special Offers are not automatically added to your account. We have to receive a confirmation from our affiliate partner so there may be a delay of up to 8 weeks". So it mean no matter how, I can't get my salary within this 2 month, because my payrate will remind usd0.01 for 2 month until I receive the points from Special Offer.

3 - I worry it is a scam!! Because there are too many bad comments about this job already!! Read here > http://www.gptboycott.com/boycotted/Cashfiesta

If you are really interested to get a internet work from home job, please work for Melaleuca. I did a lot of research on Melaleuca already, it is a very nice job. It works and I have earn a very reliable salary from Melaleuca already. If you interested to work for Melaleuca, check this out : http://www.facebook.com/Go.Green.Save.Earth

Posted by Zac1987 on 26 April, 2010

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    Here are some other surfbars, maybe you like them better than cashfiesta.


    Hope you find something interessting :)

    Posted on 11:41 PM, February 05, 2013


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