Here is the full lists of Plurk hidden emoticons. You just need to copy the code below, then paste onto your plurk :
Code : (xmas1)  (xmas4)  (dance_bzz)  (code)  (code_okok)  (gym_okok)  (hungry_okok) 
Emoticon :
Code : (xmas2)  (bzzz)  (fireworks)  (yar)  (yarr_okok)  (dance_yarr)  (angry_okok) 
Emoticon :
Code : (xmas3)  (goal)  (Русский)  (no_dance) (dance_okok) (music_okok)  (wave_okok) 
Emoticon :
Code : (fuu)  (gfuu)  (yay)  (gyay) (droid_dance) (taser_okok)  (banana_gym) 
Emoticon :
Code : (bah)  (gbah)  (troll)  (gtroll)  (jazzhands)  (pokerface)  (gpokerface) 
Emoticon :
Code : (aha)  (gaha)  (yea)  (gyea)  (whatever)  (gwhatever)  (flower) 
Emoticon :
(xmas1) (xmas2) (xmas3) (xmas4) emoticons above are available on Christmas day only.

Valentine day emoticons (available on valentine day only) :
Code : (v_perfume)  (v_shy)  (v_mail)  (v_love)  (v_tiffany) 
Emoticon :

Chinese valentine day emoticons (available on Chinese valentine day 元宵节 only) :
Code :(lantern_well)(lantern_happy)(lantern_health)(lantern_love)(lantern_peace)(lantern_fortune)
Emoticon :

Below are all non-plurk emoticons :

I found some designers designed very cute emoticons, but they are non-plurk emoticons too :

Below are non-plurk emoticons that designed by myself :

Although they are non-plurk emoticons, you still can use them on your plurk. Steps :
1) Copy the link of non-plurk emoticon, different browser has different way to copy the link of emoticon :
For IE user, you need to left click the emoticon, then copy the link on the new window.

For Mozilla Firefox user, you just need to right click the emoticon and choose "Copy Link Location".

For Chrome user, you just need to right click the emoticon and choose "Copy link address".

2) On your plurk page, click emoticon icon > My Emoticons > Add More..
3) Paste the link into text box of "Add from URL field :"
4) Click "Add" button. (It won't allow you add the emoticon if the emoticon size is too big).

5) Type in the keyword of your emoticon. (You must make sure the keyword is not used by your previous emoticon before, otherwise the emoticon will be fail to display on your plurk. I suggest you name all your emoticons by emo1, emo2, emo3... so when u want to add a new emoticon, u just need to check the keyword of last emoticon. If the last emoticon name is emo52, then your new emoticon should be emo53).

6) Click "Add" button again.

To delete emoticon from "My Emoticons" panel, use your mouse to point at the emoticon, then it will show the emoticon keyword at bottom, use your mouse to point at empty space on left of the keyword, then u will see the word "delete", click it to delete the emoticon.

For Chrome user, you can download and install chrome emoticon plugin from

For Android user, you can easily use those emoticons in your mobile by using plurka application. Simply go to the android market and download the application for free at

After copy the link of emoticon above, you can direct paste the link of onto your plurk without adding it to "My Emoticons" panel, but the emoticon will become 50% transparent. If the emoticon on your plurk becomes 50% transparent, and if you want to make it become 0% transparent, you can go to your plurk layout css customization. Then press ctrl + f buttons on your keyboard, then find the keyword youtube. Then change value of opacity .6 become 1 and change 60 become 100. For example :
/*Youtube Videos etc.*/
.youtube img,.pictureservices img { border: none; opacity:1; filter: alpha(opacity=100); }
.youtube:hover img,.pictureservices:hover img { border:none; opacity:1; filter: alpha(opacity=100); }

Then save it.

Please tell me if I miss out any plurk hidden emoticon. Or if you have any nice / creative / funny / useful emoticons to share with me, please show me the link by comment below, I will add the emoticons to my blog. Thank you.

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Last Updated on 28 September, 2011

Posted by Zac1987 on 09 April, 2010


  1. Candlelyn Said,

    lol, thanks!

    Posted on 11:06 AM, August 23, 2010

  2. --paulfah Said,

    (muhaha) (taser) (banana_ninja) (smileydance) (beer) (coffee) (fish_hit) (muscle)

    Posted on 12:26 AM, September 02, 2010

  3. Anonymous Said,

    but now is available (dance_gym)

    Posted on 10:56 PM, December 26, 2010

  4. Zac Said,

    @Anonymous, wow. Thanks for your info, I am going to update the post now. Thank you~

    Posted on 11:06 PM, December 26, 2010

  5. Anonymous Said,

    I Like It.. :-)

    Posted on 9:19 AM, January 07, 2011

  6. Pribadi Said,

    you missed (gtroll)

    Posted on 12:23 AM, January 10, 2011

  7. Zac Said,

    @Pribadi, thank you very much for telling me about that. I have added it. :)

    Posted on 12:27 AM, January 10, 2011

  8. Eryn Said,

    Thanks very much for maintaining this list. It's invaluable. <3

    Posted on 6:00 AM, January 15, 2011

  9. Zac Said,

    Welcome Eryn ^^

    Posted on 12:17 PM, January 16, 2011

  10. Anonymous Said,

    i have found new emoticon ---> (pokerface)

    Posted on 1:49 AM, January 21, 2011

  11. Anonymous Said,

    ( jazzhands )

    Posted on 3:55 AM, January 21, 2011

  12. J.D Said,


    Posted on 4:43 AM, January 21, 2011

  13. ohinisigita Said,

    new emot : (whatever)(gwhatever)(jazzhands)(pokerface)(aha)(gaha)

    Posted on 9:49 AM, January 21, 2011

  14. Zac Said,

    Thank you so much for telling me the new emoticons. I have added them to the post. Cheer.

    Posted on 12:00 PM, January 21, 2011

  15. Anonymous Said,

    hey zac,

    do you know what is the emoticons application for iphone that can be use also in facebook? like FACADE?

    Posted on 8:15 PM, January 22, 2011

  16. Zac Said,

    I don't know, sorry.

    Posted on 9:23 PM, January 22, 2011

  17. Anonymous Said,


    Posted on 5:11 PM, January 31, 2011

  18. thanks mah so cute :D

    Posted on 1:56 AM, February 03, 2011

  19. Anonymous Said,

    Wow, thanks for updating the list!

    Posted on 3:26 PM, February 12, 2011

  20. Anonymous Said,

    i've tried some of the listed emoticons.. they are really cute.. thank you for keeping this page updated =) 2 thumbs up for you =)

    Posted on 6:40 PM, March 13, 2011

  21. Anonymous Said,

    please follow my timeline on plurk

    Posted on 8:26 AM, March 17, 2011

  22. Anonymous Said,

    this is so cool! (headspin)

    Posted on 12:45 AM, April 30, 2011

  23. yhabz Said,


    Posted on 1:28 PM, July 01, 2011

  24. sakurai Said,

    hoe bout the bunny one like this?

    Posted on 4:22 PM, July 21, 2011

  25. Zac Said,

    @sakurai, already added the bunny one to my post. Thanks for telling me :)

    Posted on 9:25 PM, August 07, 2011

  26. Anonymous Said,

    nice one :D

    Posted on 11:38 AM, August 13, 2011


    Posted on 7:58 PM, May 05, 2012

  28. plurk Said,


    Posted on 10:33 PM, December 19, 2015


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