Do u know when u are signing your msn messenger, then those hacker / computer pro already can know where is your house? Also the same happen to when you using your pure original internet service to log in your facebook, lowyat, hotmail, blogger and any kind of website. We can know where are you, where is your house, what is your phone number, what is your full name!! Do you want to hide yourself when using internet?

If you want to hide yourself from the Internet, you can use hide your original real IP address by using proxy. Proxy is the fake IP address that help you hide your real original IP address that given by your streamyx / celcome / Maxis. For example, I can use an Australia Proxy IP address to cheat Facebook Admin that I am login my facebook account from Australia, I am in Australia now, if police want to catch me, go Australia catch me la. LOL.

How to apply proxy to Mozilla Firefox? Steps :
1 - Copy and paste any proxy server ip address and port from this website : (left side there got the list of different proxy servers from different countries).

2 - On Mozilla Firefox, click Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Setting > Tick "Manual proxy configuration"

3 - Paste the IP address that you have copied just now onto "HTTP Proxy:" field. For example,

4 - Then paste the Port number onto "Port:" field. Normally Port number has 2 digit or 4 digits only. For example, 3128.

5 - Tick "Use this proxy server for all protocols. Then Click OK two times.

6 - Test and see, go to then you will see the google is from the proxy server country (maybe Australia or Canada or Brazil or Russia), not Malaysia google anymore, because you are a faker now, you cheat everyone that you are staying in the proxy server country now. Even google also think that you are staying on that country, noone on the internet know you are actually in Malaysia.

Some proxy server is very fast speed, some very slow, some can block a lot of websites, some can make your msn cannot delivery message, and proxy won't last forever, sometime the proxy server down after 5 hours or after 1 day or after 3 days, so you need to keep changing available proxy, again here has the list of proxy servers :

There are two kinds of proxy, 1 is transparent and another 1 is anonymous. Transparent proxy can hide your original real IP but it will still show your original real IP when people request it. Anonymous is 100% hiding your IP already, nobody can track you already.

I use proxy for last 6 years ago just because I want to enjoy the faster speed from Australia Proxy to download software from p2p server, LOL. It work very well for me, I hope this can help those Infinity downlines members to hide themselves from being tracked. LOL. Anyway, it is imposible to hide, unless you have a fake bank account to receive money from other members. Hai yo, why so mahuan? Stop playing Infinity Downline, change to play Melaleuca CDM, then don't need to worry anything d la! YO!

Posted by Zac1987 on 27 June, 2010


  1. Anonymous Said,

    You can use anonymous proxy like to hide your IP.

    Posted on 2:56 PM, June 27, 2010

  2. swookiee Said,

    and theres allways cyberghost vpn if you do not want to loose speed

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  5. Mark Ackley Said,

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