I love DiGi iPhone 4 Plan is because it is exactly fit to what I need especially iDiGi 88 package which will cost me just RM63 only for 24 month period, I even can get rebate of RM5 if I subscript auto-billing, so the monthly bill become RM58 only. It free me 200 minutes phone calling, 200 sms, 20 mms and 1GB internet data usage every month. Can you see how much it worth if compare to normal post paid plan. Let's take example of DG30 post paid plan :
Voice / Video Calls : 20 sen/min
SMS : 10 sen/SMS
MMS : 20 sen/MMS
iDiGi 88 iPhone 4 Plan free 200 minutes voice calling, so 20sen x 200 minutes = RM40.
iDiGi 88 iPhone 4 Plan free 200 sms, so 10sen x 200 sms = RM20
iDiGi 88 iPhone 4 Plan free 20 mms, so 20sen x 20 mms = RM4
So total is RM64 already if you subscript normal post-paid plan, and it is not including the free 1gb internet data usage yet!! For iDiGi 88 iPhone 4 Plan, it cost RM58 only with free 1gb internet data usage, so it is worth!!! yeah!!!

The 200 Free sms/mms that given by iDiGi iPhone 4 plan is not for Digi network only but it is for other all telcos networks including Celcom and Maxis, Wow!!! Furthermore if I over use the internet data usage, Digi will not charge extra fee, it will just decrease your internet speed only, so I don't have to worry my phone bill is over budget anymore, YEAH!!! Although I know Maxis offers 12-month contract and Digi doesn't offer 12-month contract but only 24-month contract, Digi fit exactly what I need because I usually pay RM30 for my phone bill every month, now if I want to own an iPhone, I just need to pay extra RM28 every month. Unlike the Maxis 12-month contract plan which will cost me RM100 every month, it is too expensive for me in short term. iDiGi 88 iPhone 4 Plan is exactly what I want, I love that plan, yes!!!

Posted by Zac1987 on 01 October, 2010

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  1. Anonymous Said,

    But I got some unknown charges from digi..I didn't call or text any1 but I gt 8 ringgit unbilled amount?I am taking the idigi 88..what is the problem for that?where can I check what did digi charge me?

    Posted on 6:58 AM, March 13, 2011


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