Humans are horrible nowadays.
I read many articles and watched videos about chicken,pig and foie gras we ate.
Humans cruelness,sigh.

Foie Gras means "Fat Liver" of Goose.
It's a very luxury menu that originates from France.
And to obtain that, look at the pictures below from an e-mail I get :
The geese are forced to eat, even if it does not desire to :

The mental pipe pass through the throat to stomach even if it does not want to eat anything To make the liver bigger and fatter the geese are kept in :

Cages that are very small and they are forced to stay in one position to avoid using energy, thus converting all food into fat :

How sad their eyes show up :

Their legs were bloated from long standing everyday. Not allowed to sleep because they will be held to eat again :

Although they try to defend themselves, but refusal is useless :

How sad is this kind of life can be :

They are forced to eat until they are dead & their bodies can't stand it anymore...You can still see that the food is still in its' mouth :

Those who survive have cramped to inflamed until their asses..bloodied as its' shit comes out with it. What other pains & sufferings can be more than such inflicted tortures :

The result to get a "beautiful" and white liver that becomes unusually big like this As Liver-canned from aboard :

Anyway, how to differentiate duck(鸭) and goose(鹅)? Duck "quack quack quack", and goose "oh oh oh"? Haha. Penang/Malaysia got sell goose rice? or got duck rice only? Haha.

Posted by Zac1987 on 04 November, 2010


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