My rabbit lived in my room for more than 2 years already. Now I am going to move it out of my room, let it stay outside my house. Why? It is because I keep running nose for 2 month already, I guess I got allergy to the rabbit, so for my health purpose, I decided to move it out, don't let it stay inside my room anymore.

I created a new rabbit cage to put at outside my house for my rabbit. The cage is made from a babe bed + a single adult bed + 5 x RM8 = RM40 big card boards + 2 x big wood boards. The following pictures show the new rabbit cage that I have created outside my house :

I used the yellow card boards to make the floor for the rabbit cage.

I can see my rabbit cage from my room window. He is always within my eyes spot area, so he is safe.

5 of my big dogs (Ultraman, Superman, Batman, Spiderman and Iron man) want to eat my rabbit. Hope the rabbit cage is strong enough to protect my rabbit. LOL.

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Posted by Zac1987 on 26 November, 2010


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