Below are some voting topics + choices + the percentage of people vote for the choices :

以下是投票标题 + 选择 + 投票人数的巴仙率 :

Which type of girl that you wish to be your gf?
Gentle, kind? (25%)
Sexy, nice body shape? (13%)
Cheerful, lively, active, don't care of small issue? (25%)
Smart, powerful? (17%)
Quiet, obedient? (8%)
Mature, attractive elder sister? (0%)
Mysterious, contrasts between appearance and inner behavior? (4%)
Cool, free and easy going? (6%)
normal, nothing special? (2%)


温柔,体贴的? (25%)
性感,身材好的? (13%)
开朗活泼,不拘小节的? (25%)
有智慧的才女型? (17%)
文静乖乖女? (8%)
成熟有魅力的姐姐? (0%)
神秘的,外表和内心反差很大的? (4%)
帅气,洒脱的个性女? (6%)
普普通通的? (2%)

If you can choose 1 kind of husband only, which 1 will be your choice?

He can cook well, bake cake, cookies for you. (31%)
Good in playing piano, sven and handsome. (10%)
Good in make up and beautify hair, can help you make-up/beautify your hair. (8%)
Good in kung fu fighting, can protect you. (15%)
Good in taking photographic, can take a lot nice photos on you. (7%)
Good in repairing electronic devices. (19%)
Good in Singing, his voice is very sweet and nice. (10%)


会下厨,做蛋糕饼干给你吃 (31%)
会弹钢琴,斯文帅帅地 (10%)
会美发,做造型,可以帮你扮美美 (8%)
会武术,能够保护你 (15%)
精通摄影,可以帮你拍许多美美的照 (7%)
会修理所有的电器,有困难找他就是 (19%)
会唱歌,声音好好听 (10%)

How much are your slowly suicide?

Don't eat breakfast
Sleep after 12a.m (11%)
Facing computer more than 12 hours every day (20%)
handphone is open for 24 hours and always carry it along with you (13%)
lack of exercise (2%)
many hours stay inside the indoor/office (2%)
smoking (20%)
drink too much wine/alcohol (20%)
none of above (1%)


不吃早餐 (11%)
晚上12点后睡觉 (20%)
每天对着电脑12小时以上 (11%)
手机24小时开机,随身携带 (13%)
缺乏运动 (2%)
长时间呆在室内 (2%)
吸烟 (20%)
饮酒过量 (20%)
以上的一项也不占 (1%)

Everyone also like to look at sexy girl. Can you accept/allow your gf/wife wear sexy when hang out?

Can (50%)
Cannot (40%)
Depend on situation (Please list out the situations by comment box below, share it with everyone) (10%)


能 (50%)
不能 (40%)
看情况 (请透过以下的Comment格子,写出那些情况,让大家分享)(10%)

Posted by Zac1987 on 26 December, 2010


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