A facebook user name as Alviss Kong post message to his own wall "Count Down For 45 Mins" before he killed himself. He killed himself because he was sad about broken up with his gf. His gf's name is BinLuii 徐明彬

This is his last message that he posted on his facebook wall before he kill himself :

Below is LAST Facebook Note that he wrote on his Facebook Profile :
在你的世界里...爱情是什么 ?
很傻吧..? 我也觉得自己很傻...我说过的i love u...i said it i meant it...i'll love u till the moment i die

devil bin this is the way how i love,perhaps ppl will think it was crazy
i've never tried to put down my pride my dignity my ego-ness on my first ex...but u were totally diff,i put down my pride my dignity my every shit
just to beg u....but i failed...as always im just a failure in a relation
but that's just me,i'll only do the things which i think its worth...
will i became ur memory forever ? who knows..since u were already special when the first sight i saw u...
perhaps,u'll just fucking laugh at me...i bet there's plenty of ppl will laugh too =) but who cares ?
that's just me...that's the way i are....
the last thing

devil bin this is the way how i love,perhaps ppl will think it was crazy
I've never tried to put down my pride my dignity my ego-ness on my first but u were totally diff,i put down my pride my dignity my every shit
just to beg u….but i failed…as always im just a failure in a relation
but that's just me,i'll only do the things which i think its worth

will i became ur memory forever ? who knows..since u were already special when the first sight i saw u.
perhaps,u'll just fucking laugh at me, i bet there's plenty of ppl will laugh too =) but who cares ?
that's just me that's the way i am.
the last thing
i do appreciate everything about us. U were the light in my life..u given me determination for my future, but everything is gone, i don't blame u actually.

Because 爱情是自由的 ~ so just wish u'll have ya happy life in d future
ILY : IMY ~ sorry that i couldn't brings u to walk until the end of the day
希望你会记得在你的生命中,曾几何时有个一个那么爱你的人出现过 <3
P/S : Please do not blame her....Im the one who decided this..she's just the one given me the motivation n courage.....to my FAMILY,please..i beg of u all,don't ever blame on her...

"first time i take a pic when i were crying..looks sucks…anyway thats the last pic of mine b4 i gg =)"

The facts:
* A 22 year old (Born 22nd May 1988) , ALVISS KONG 江世豐, He was working as an IT staff, committed suicide by jumping off the 14th floor of Ketumbar Heights, Cheras.
* Before commiting suicide, he posted a note to his Facebook profile page. Prior to jumping, he took one last photo and even posted a message 45 minutes before.
* From the note, it can be inferred that he no longer wanted to live after his girlfriend broke up with him.
* His gf broke up with him is not because she fall in love with another guy but just because she want to be alone, she feel that be a single can live happily too.
* Alviss Kong's body damaged a car upon impact, and he lay bleeding and stay alive until emergency services took him to the hospital.
* He was pronounced dead at 9AM on the morning of December 10th.
* He lived on the 5th floor of the same apartment, and has a brother and a sister.
* His father is 60 years-old working as a taxi driver. His mother is helping taking care on grandsons at oversea.
* Prior to jumping off the 14th floor, he went to a tea stall near his apartment.
* Both Alviss Kong and his girlfriend had blogs.
* They had been together for 4 months, and this was Alviss’s second and last relationship.
* From a source on FB, I found out that Alviss Kong used to work in Berjaya Times Square. He also used to go clubbing a lot, and he liked to wear a plaster on his face as a fashion statement.
* His sister saw his comments on his facebook wall "Count Down For 45 Mins…What should i do in the 45 mins?", she though that he was just joking at beginning but after he replied "My dear sister, please take good care on our parents and family". Then she start feel something wrong so she replied "What's wrong with you? Where are you now?". Then he didn't reply anymore. After few hours, she replied "He jumped from 14 floor to kill himself and now he is in hospital for emergency rescue".
* His girl-friend heard the news of he is killing himself, she quickly fly back from Genting to Kuala Lumpur hospital to visit him, but his sister stop her, don't let her go visit him because it is useless to do so and hate her forever.

People~ please respect the late Alviss Kong,4 months doesn’t mean that the love is not deep,respect by not saying him dumb or what,n fr u guys who wanna scold or slap the girl,for what?it’s not even her wrong n we outsiders will never know what’s the real prob between them~

Wondering how they start dating? He did blog to show how did he start relationship with her :

Alviss Kong’s blog is closed now, but the Google Cache is available att Click Here. Screenshot of his blog :

It’s quite sad reading about Alviss Kong’s perfect day with her (clubbing, school, etc) especially knowing what happened.

Alviss's Pictures :

* The suicide note on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=181668725179222&id=754228704
* Alviss Kong's Facebook profile : http://www.facebook.com/alvissk
* Alviss Kong's Facebook funeral page : http://www.facebook.com/pages/jiang-shi-feng-zhi-mu-Alviss-Kongs-Grave/183914258292127
* Alviss Kong's Friendster page : http://profiles.friendster.com/devilkiddo6
* Alviss Kong’s blog (private): http://alvisskong.blogspot.com/
* The original ChinaPress article: http://www.chinapress.com.my/content_new.asp?sec=malaysia&dt=2010-12-10

* A personal friend of Alviss Kong shares the experiences of her time with him: http://yiingbaobei.blogspot.com/2010/12/rip-alviss-kong.html
* Another friend of Alviss Kong shares her experiences: http://playboy-mayc.blogspot.com/2010/12/rip-my-beloved-friend-alviss-kong.html
* GooGoo1Nee.blogspot’s article: http://googoo1ne.blogspot.com/2010/12/rip.html
* JoshuaOngYS: http://joshuaongys.com/2010/12/19-yrs-old-malaysian-alviss-kong-jumped-off-building-committing-suicide-after-leaving-facebook-message/

My Opinion :
She don't like him, don't love him at all. How I know? Simple! He did propose to her for 5 times and all fail. It mean she don't like him at all. After then she accepted him just because of she feel pity on him or just something else. She just accepting his love, she never pay love to him. That's why she didn't care of him, she can easily broken up with him, she didn't care how much he love her. He was sad, the pain inside his heart is very painful until he feel the pain on his body is just nothing, that's why he dare to kill himself. 心里的痛,很痛很痛,痛得让我觉得身体的痛根本不算什么,难怪会有人那么勇敢割脉,跳楼,跳海,吊颈。This is his 2nd relationship, normally after we get hurt from 1st relationship, sure we will do something to protect ourselves to prevent get hurt again, but why he can get so much hurt for his 2nd relationship? He didn't take drug before he jump, he even can be very rational to reply his sister comments on his facebook wall, meaning his brain is still awake. He jumped down with his own guts without taking any drug, he is so brave. I solute him so much. Next time if you want to find a gf, please find the 1 who like/love you. DO NOT find those who can accept your love only.

Alviss Kong!!! WOW!! We have the same tastes!!! You work for IT, I work for IT too. You play Myspace but inactive in myspace.com, me TOO!!! You played friendster.com for long time ago and didn't update your friendster.com now, me TOO!!! You play facebook.com and you are very active in facebook.com, me TOO!!! You love to blog on blogspot.com, me TOO!!! WOW. We are almost the same age, I am 23 and you are 22. I have 1 gf and you have 2 already. Actually I almost have 2nd gf now, she did refuse me 3 times already, If she refuse me another 2 times, then I will be the same as you d. LOL. And we have the same horoscope!! Gemini!! WOW. Gemini rocks!!! You love gaming, me TOO!! Yeah!!! You don't like to make facebook and friendster profile as private, me too!! Yeah!!! Your English is okay okay only, me Too!!! And your other 2 languages (Chinese and Malay) are so so only, me TOO!!! Anyway, I have to thank you a lot. Because of you, I will be very very careful when I break up with my 2nd gf, hopefully I will give myself a chance to think rationally when I am standing on the roof.

Everyone has a real better-half. Who is your real better-half? So many people in the world and only 1 is your real better-half. You think the 1 who standing in front of you is your real better-half? Impossible!!! Do you want to know who is your real better-half? You just need to do the 3 steps :
1 - Get your perfect matches from your English Horoscope from this page. (For example : Leo and Libra)
2 - Get your perfect matches from your Chinese Zodiac from this page. (For example : Dog, Pig and Goat)
3 - Get your perfect matches from your Chinese 5 elements from this page. (For example : Wood Goat)
You must complete the 3 things above, you must not miss out any of them. If miss out 1, it will become inaccurate. A lot of people don't believe horoscope because they get inaccurate result. Why they get inaccurate result? It is because they didn't check all the 3 things (English horoscope, Chinese Zodiac and Chinese 5 elements).

If 1 of the 3 things of your bf/gf is not match to you, I bet you will break up with him/her within 4 years. If you both can stay together last for more than 4 years or maybe forever, you both also will always quarrel, not happy when staying together. See those stupid parents, live together for so many years already, got so many kids already, but they still always quarrel. If you don't want to be like those stupid parents, if you want stay happily with your love forever,如果你 不想糟蹋你的一生的幸福,then you better choose your perfect match!!!

Love a people is not wrong, but love a wrong people is very very wrong. That's why we need horoscope + zodiac + 5 elements to determine whether or not he/she is the right person to be loved.

This is particularly depressing for me given that Alviss is quite likely someone I have probably met or seen while clubbing. Someone that I have 15 mutual friends with on Facebook. And he’s a blogger. A girl in my Facebook list wrote on her wall about how she was very happy to have been his friend, as she used to club with him and he always had a “cute plaster” on his face, and spend late nights talking on the phone with him and sharing secrets. It’s especially sad knowing that Alviss was a fashionable, good looking guy, had lots of friends and people to talk to (judging from his pics, Facebook profile and blog posts) - but still chose to commit suicide.

Before you want to kill yourself, please read the sentences below first :
1 - "Love is just 20% in my life, other 20% for working, other 20% for hobbies/gaming, other 20% for friend, other 20% for family. So why should I just because of the 20% of love and give up all other 80% things? Rugi banyak!!"

2 - "Nothing is importance than a life. As long as I am alive, I won't feel sad. Wahahaha".

3 - "I know death can solve your pain, but you should not be so selfish, think about your parents, they spend 21 years to grow you up, you not yet pay back anything to them and go kill yourself just like that"?

4 - "I won't sad or angry or hate the current situation, because I know there are many other beautiful situations will happen on me on next seconds. Let's say there are 1000 situations happen on you today. 999 situations are good, only 1 situation is bad, so why you so mind about the only 1 bad situation? Think about the other 999 good situations!!!"

5 - "Before you want to love someone, you must learn how to love yourself first".

6 - "You just lost a gf/bf, it is nothing to sad. Some other people accident lost their eyes, hand, leg... They will be very hard to find a job and gf/bf in future. You are lucky than them a lot already".

Please do give them a call before you do anything - this is a counselling/suicide prevention hotline :
Phone : 03-79568144 or 03-79568145
Website : http://www.befrienders.org.my/
Email : sam@befrienders.org.my

Posted by Zac1987 on 10 December, 2010
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  1. Zac Said,

    "Nothing is importance than a life. As long as I am alive, I won't feel sad. Wahahaha".

    Posted on 4:58 PM, December 11, 2010

  2. Anonymous Said,

    i'm not salute him at all..why should i salute some1 who killed himself for 4 months rlationship??there r so many people have more bad n suck life,but they dun kill themselves.go 4 clubbing until morning,met stupido woman..is that life??btw,family not 20 percent in ur life,they r more than that..half of ur life should be for ur family,this is what happened when u ignore ur family n chased stupido love.whatever it is,he dead with nothing..~~still young,dun have experiences~sad..

    Posted on 1:26 AM, December 16, 2010

  3. Zac Said,

    @Anonymous, You need to understand there are 30 days x 80 years = 2400 different types of people. Some people treat knowledge as 80%, some people treat project as 80%, some people treat love as 80%. They can give up everything for those thing. I got a friend who leave his rich family and travel around the world to seek for new knowledge. He said "nothing is importance than knowledge, knowledge is the strength of me, knowledge is the power". Some other of my friends also keep working on their big projects without caring their family and love, they always alone.

    Posted on 2:49 AM, December 16, 2010

  4. S-CPL Said,

    Since the day he died..I have been Google a lots about him..I have friends was his friends when he is alive...been askin around wat kind of guy he is...very curious...cant believe there's a guy will suicide bcos of love...there's alwiz a choice in life...life is not a game...2 bet on n 2 end wit.....bcos...there's no second chance...it's a waste bcos there's still alotzz of things tat u can do den end de life like tat...ppl said he is a coward, a loser...but...by de time he step out from de building n jump off...not many ppl dare 2 do tat rite? summore...it is 14th flr...not 4th...he muz b very fed up since he choose 2 giv up everythin......R.I.P...he will alwiz in de memories of his family n frenZz.....

    Posted on 2:14 AM, December 27, 2010

  5. Anonymous Said,

    RIP Alviss...

    p/s: they look cute together... hope their family will be strong..


    Posted on 12:05 AM, March 08, 2011

  6. Anonymous Said,

    I been in the same situation as bin.....me n my ex broke up n it wasn't BC I didn't love him .....but soon enough he went suicidal as well n I havent heard from him ever since. RIP: Joseph Pier + Joleen Misla

    Posted on 7:12 AM, November 03, 2015


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