Did you realize that your Internet speed becomes very slow when you are opening ppstream or µTorrent or BitComet or eMule, or TVUplayer or TVants or PPLive or ppfilm? Do you want to fix this problem? There are 3 different solutions :
Solution 1 :
Download the latest version of Half-open limit fix software. After finish download, you open it and click "Add to tcpip.sys" button. Then Restart pc. That's all ! So easy ! Wow

For those who want to know why this happen :
Microsoft company want to reduce the chance of Windows XP and Vista getting attacked by virus, so Microsoft set the limit for concurrent half-open outbound TCP connections, the default value of the limit is 10, meaning you can open 10 TCO connections at the same time. As we know those ppstream, µTorrent, eMule and XunLei are using p2p network to send data to our computer. p2p network using many computers to send data to our computer. let's say there are 30 computers in the p2p networks are sending data to you, 1 computer has 1 TCP connection, so 30 computers has 30 TCP connection. So, if you windows xp or vista set the limit number of TCP connection to 10, meaning you can accept only 10 out of 30 computers in the p2p network, so when you go to open a website such as www.google.com, your computer doesn't have extra space to accept another TCP connection from google.com. That's why you cannot open google.com website when opening ppstream or emule or xunlei. So, now we use Half-open limit fix to change the limit 10 to limit 100 so that we can accept 100 TCP connection at the same time! wow. Anyway, I am a not a professor, I don't really sure what I say is correct or not. Haha, so please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks.

My Personal Experience:
I was about 2 years didn't use PPStream anymore since I change my wireless router to use Australia firmware which block all p2p network. But now PPStream improve a lot, I have no idea how can they fix the problem of being blocked by Australia firmware. Anyway I just tried to install and use ppstream last night. And wow, I saw ppstream improve a lot, their website becomes so beauty and added more fuctions like allows direct watch ppstream through the website and able to change my msn messenger personal message to show the movie title on my msn personal message. It is still ok when I 1 computer open ppstream, but when I install ppstream on my brother laptop, and when he open ppstream, 3 of my msn messenger totally cannot sign in, and I cannot open any website! So, after I change the limit 10 to limit 100, my 4 msn messengers can open at the same time as usual. And I can open website, surfing net without a problem, just a little slower than normal. Lol.

Solution 2 :
This solution is to prevent other computer open pps to slow down your internet speed. You can download and install bandwidth management software such as :
1 - NetLimiter (Shareware)
2 - SoftPerfect (Shareware)
3 - Shunra Nimbus (Freeware)
4 - Traffic Shaper XP (Freeware)
Use the software to limit your internet speed and bandwidth. More info at : http://www.raymond.cc/blog/archives/2008/02/22/restrict-or-limit-internet-download-and-upload-transfer-speed/

Solution 3 :
When u are watching pps, u are uploading what u have downloaded to other watchers from everywhere on internet. The uploading speed eat all your internet speed, that's why your website loading speed become slow, and causing slow internet speed to other computers in your network too. Picture below shows I was downloading and uploading the movie at the same time :

PPS is a greedy, if you have 4mbps modem, pps will use all full speed of your 4mbps modem to upload the movie to other users on the internet. So your website loading speed will be slowed down and your family computers internet speed also will be slowed down too. So you must limit or block the uploading speed of your PPS. How to block the uploading speed? Below are 3 different ways to block the uploading speed :
a) Pay money amount rmb20 to upgrade your pps account to gold, then your pps will not upload movie to other users when you are downloading movie. PPS黄金会员 : 免上传,看PPS不再影响网页浏览,不再影响他人电脑网速。

b)Use software to limit uploading speed. As I said earlier PPS is greedy, it will use full speed of your 4mbps to upload movie to other users. So you have to limit the uploading speed. You must not be selfish, don't limit it to 0kb/s, at least give it 5kb/s so that other users on internet can watch pps smoothly. Picture below show that I used software to limit pps uploading speed to 5kb/s :

You can download the software name "FluxEye" from http://2aek.com/inventory/donshare.rar or from http://cache.ourdev.cn/bbs_upload568426/files_10/ourdev_395773.rar. Then install it, then open it. (Tip : after you download the file, you need to open the file with 7zip or winzip or winrar). I saw an user said FluxEye is not reliable : "我在VISTA下,发现上面的流量限制软件能运行,但不可靠:比如我将 PPS的速度限制了,我想修改或取消限制,却执行不成功。其它的进程可以。 国产软件的通病啊". Maybe you can try use software name "Traffic Shaper XP". Reference at : http://www.ourdev.cn/bbs/bbs_content.jsp?bbs_sn=1429184&search_text=iamyanh

c)Set your ADSL router to block the outgoing port / uploading port for PPS (I'm not sure how to do it. Please teach me if u know).

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Last Updated on 27 August, 2011

Posted by Zac1987 on 31 December, 2010


  1. Anonymous Said,

    I tried the first solution, but it dosent really help, its still slow.

    Posted on 10:06 AM, January 31, 2011

  2. Zac Said,

    You can try solution 3b

    Posted on 4:52 AM, August 27, 2011

  3. SyncLiar Said,

    Didn't try the first solution yet, but I could see the speed difference after trying out solution 3b. Although the change is not big of a difference atleast, I could go on some simple websites.

    Posted on 9:41 AM, May 01, 2012

  4. eric oon Said,

    running flueye.exe after download, found following error,
    download raterpt.dll fail.

    Posted on 9:31 PM, August 08, 2012


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