Question : How to move/resize all the graphics in all layers and frames in a Flash animation in one go?
Answer : Please follow the instruction from the 5 steps below :
1 - Make sure all layers are unlocked and unhidden (Click the locker icon and the eye icon).

2 - Click on the "Edit Multiple Frames" button in the Flash animation Timeline (Please see the picture below where the black cursor pointing on the button) :

3 - Now there are two options. Either drag the onion skin markers so they cover all the animation frames. But an easier method may be to click the Modify Onion Markers button and then select the option to Onion All (Please see the picture below) :

4 - Click "Edit" from top menu, then click "Select All" :

5 - Now you can drag them to move or resize them.

Posted by Zac1987 on 25 December, 2010


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