I discovery a way to solve constipation immediately!!!

There are 2 different ways to solve constipation for myself : 1) Sit up 100 times to train the 6 packs of my abs stomach, then my shit will want to come out automatically, haha. 2) You just need to go toilet squat on the toilet bowl and ready to poo, then use your brain to think "the shit is coming down from your intestine to your ass hole and drop to your toilet bowl, when you keep using your brain to think the process of the shit is slowly moving down from intestine > ass hole > toilet bowl, your shit will be really come out like that in real.

Try it out!! It works very well for me!!! I tried it 30 times and success 30 times, never fail.

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Posted by Zac1987 on 19 December, 2010


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