Sometime we angry somebody or something but we do not dare to speak it out because we worry if we scold them, later they will angry and hurt our family. Or maybe we worry if we scold them, they will not want to be friend with us anymore. So should we just keep quiet? No, we should not keep quiet, we must say it out, we must tell them about their weakness, so that they know what are their weakness, so that they will aware and solve their weakness. So that they won't do the same mistake again next time.

Here you can complain / Criticize / Scold a people or thing without reveal your identity. So all other people don't know who are you. So you are safe. Please follow 2 steps below to complain / Criticize / Scold a people or thing without reveal your identity :
1) You use the comment box below to post your complaining / Criticize / Scold message. Please choose "Anonymous" at the Comment as: field.

2) You wait for admin approve your message, the admin will approve your message and post your message to the facebook group at :

3) Many facebook users will see the message from the facebook group.

Note : We Complain / Criticize / Scold the people or things is because we want to let them know their weakness so that they can solve their weakness. It is not because we are angry or hate them. We must be slave of the anger.


在这里你可以隐藏自己的身份,随心所欲地投诉/批评/责骂某个人或事物。其他人不会知道你是谁,所以你是绝对安全的。请按照以下的两个步骤隐藏自己的身份地投诉/批评/责骂某个人或事物 :
1) 你使用以下的评论框发表你的投诉/批评/责骂信息。请在 Comment as: 的旁边选择 "Anonymous".

2) 你等管理员批准你的投诉/批评/责骂信息。管理员批准你的信息之后,你的信息会被自动发传去这个Facebook group :

3) 很多 Facebook 会员都会从那个 Facebook Group 看见你的信息。

请注意 :我们投诉/批评/责骂某个人或事物,因为我们要让他们知道他们的弱点,让他们改善他们的弱点。而不是因为我们生气或恨他们。我们不应该当一个愤怒或仇恨的奴隶。

Posted by Zac1987 on 16 February, 2011


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