Two special things of year 2011 :
1) On year 2011, the last two digits of your birth year + your age = 111. For example, I born on year 1987, and I am 24 years-old, so 87 + 24 = 111. Everyone is getting the same total of 111 on this year.

2) On year 2011, October has 5 days of Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Every 823th year will has the 2 special things above. Imagine you need to wait 9 generations to get this miracle year. WOW!!!

Some people said the 2 special things on this year 2011 cause wealthy to everyone, make every rich, make everyone earn big money. For me, I don't believe it because if there is people get money, sure there is people give money, how can those people give money can be richer? LOL.

Posted by Zac1987 on 06 April, 2011


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