facebook.com :
Problem 1 : When user upload a photo to an album, after the user choose the picture from the computer, there are 2 buttons "Open", "Select Photos". Supposly user have to click "Open" button, but most of the user will careless click on "Select Photos" button, it will cause error to the page. See the picture below for reference :

Solution : The "select file" window should appear on top and cover the "upload file" window, so that the user cannot see "Select Photos" button.

Problem 2 : Cannot search older wall posts. If I want to check my older post which was posted by me 1 years ago, how?
Solution : Implement a search feature to allow the users type in any keyword to search for their older posts.

Problem 3 : Cannot share a particular post of wall to other people. How if I want to share a particular post of my wall that I posted few weeks ago? I need to ask the people scroll down many times to find it?
Solution : Facebook should make every post has a unique link. Facebook should show the link at the bottom of the each post, so the user can copy and paste link to other people to share the post.

Problem 4 : Auto update new wall posts on Home page. When I was reading or typing comment on a particular wall post in half way, the post was pushed down and gone suddenly, I can't see the post on the screen while I was half way reading the post or typing comment to the post, because the post was pushed down because there are many new posts come in from the top.
Solution : Do NOT auto update new wall posts, store the counter of new pots onto a button such as "16 new posts" button, after user click on "16 new posts" button, then only all new posts will be show onto the page.

Problem 5 : Facebook pictures are too small. If there are more than 10 people on the picture, sure we can't see the people' face clearly because the people heads are very small.
Solution : Save the pictures as bigger size or full size if face recognize software detected there are more than 5 or 10 faces on the pictures.

plurk.com :
Problem 1 : "My Emoticons" panel is suck. When the user save 2 emoticons with the same keyword, when the user want to show the 2nd emoticon, it will fail to show the 2nd emoticon, it will show the 1st emoticon.
Solution : When the user are saving the new emoticon with new keyword, "My Emoticons" panel should check to make sure the new keyword different from previous existing keywords, should not allow user assign the same keyword.

Problem 2 : "My Emoticons" panel doesn't allow user sort / organize / arrange the emoticons in the way that the user want to be.
Solution : Implement Facebook picture album sorting feature into "My Emoticons" panel.

blogger.com :
Problem 1 : When the user want to edit the HTML code of blog layout, the user go to blogger.com > blog title > template > edit html, then there will be a "loading" animation. The "loading" animation ask user to wait. So the user will wait for few minutes, hours, days, weeks, month, years, but it is stilll "loading". The page just can't finish loading!!! Why? because the user actually need to click "Process" button. The stupid "loading" animation confuse user to wait for loading. Please see the picture blow for reference :

Solution : Remove the "loading" animation from the page.

Problem 2 : Blogger allows us to put password for entire blog, but not allow us to put password for particular blog post.
Solution : Adding a setting option : "private" and "public" on post editor.

Problem 3 : Post editor will not auto save the post into draft after dc or restart modem and browser. You can do a test :
1) Write "abc" on a post,
2) then u go restart ur modem,
3) then u write "efc" on the post.
4) then u wait for 5 minutes,
5) close the tab / browser,
6) then open new browser / tab,
7) go into blogspot again,
8) check and see whether or not the post save "efc" in the draft? Sure u will see it have saved "abc" but not "efc".
I did spend 2 hours to write a post during heavy rain day, so my internet keep disconnected (mean my modem keep restarting), suddenly thunder make my computer shut down, after I restart my computer and go to blogspot, I just realize blogspot didn't save my works since 2 hours ago, it mean I just lost my 2 hours works.
Solution : Jquery runs on the client. AKA browser. If the connection is reset the current browser tab you're on will usually not be interupted (Unless you have ongoing Web service calls to the server). Because of this, you can save anything you want in that browser session, when the connection is back up, save it to the server. IF you want to continue saving the data after the TAB is CLOSED, then the only way you can do that is I guess through HTML5 Local Storage. You can save data to session using javascript, and the session can save up to 2mb of data, WOW!!! Reference at here. So if after modem is restarted, and browser is restarted too, when the user are using firefox 6, he/she will use "restore the previous session" feature will bring back the data that saved on the session previously.

badoo.com :
Problem 1 : It doesn't allow to show the state where the user live. Malaysia has 13 states totally, but it just show 1 state (Kuala Lumpur) only. All users who live in Malaysia are forced to show "Kuala Lumpur" at the field of "State :" in their profile. How if I want to search for the users who stay in "Penang" or other states? I can't do that!!!
Solution : Allow the users to show the state where they live.

ebay.com :
Problem 1 : If the buyer pay money by bank in, no fee will charged. If the buyer pay money by Paypal, some fee will be charged by Paypal. For example, if a product price is USD100, and paypal charge fee USD3. If I put my product price as USD103 (already include paypal fee). When the buyer click "buy" button, it will cut USD103 from the user paypal account. BUT what if the user want to pay money by bank in? The user misunderstand that he/she should pay USD103!!! Actually he/she just need to pay USD100 because bank in method doesn't charge any fee. So how to solve this problem?
Solution : Ebay.com should provide a separate textbox for seller to type in the paypal fee, so the seller doesn't need to mix the product price and paypal fee together.
Solution : Allow the users to show the state where they live.

All kind of browsers like mozilla firefox, internet explorer, chrome... :
Problem 1 : If I want to switch between two words "h&2s!-$*" and "Nes:G$Pi". For example :
Peter's password is h&2s!-$*. Michelle's password is Nes:G$Pi. Then I realise that I put wrong password between Peter and Michelle. Peter's password should be Nes:G$Pi and Michelle's password should be h&2s!-$*. How do I correct them? I think u got the answer! It is inconvenient to correct them right?
Solution : Add "switch" option on right click. With the "switch" option, I just need to select these two words, then right click 1 of them and choose "switch". It will be easier right?!

Post a comment at below to share with me if you found any other weakness / bad part of websites. Thank you.

Posted by Zac1987 on 24 September, 2011


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