Below are 3 of my favorite cars :
1 - Lamborghini Aventador - I don't like it's back, I personally think it's back is ugly.
2 - GTE Evora - It looks very cool. I like its sharp shape with little curve. Perfect sides and back view, front view is not so good.
3 - Lotus Elise - Cute. Full of curve, less sharp (Not should me because I am Z, the alphabet "Z" has no curve. I am like cool instead of cute), but I don't know why I still very in love with its cute shape, love this car!

I wondering they can drive into car-park in shopping complex since their bumper is quite low, maybe need to change a bigger wheels?

Fully imported car in Malaysia have to pay tax for Extra 200% .(100% car price + 200% tax).
I saw road tax Malaysia for Lamborghini are RM8000, RM16,000, and RM18,000.

Here are some crazy car interior designs pictures :

Above is Lamborghini Aventador
Below is GTE Evora

Below are Lotus Elise

Posted by Zac1987 on 12 September, 2011


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