My house fixed phone line got problem, I can't make call from home telephone for 3 years already. I did the following tests :

Test 1) When I use my house telephone to call my handphone, my handphone didn't ring, my handphone cannot receive the call at all.

Test 2) When I use my handphone to call my house telephone, my house telephone ring, but when I pick up the call, I hear nothing, no sound at all. Even I scream on my handphone, my house telephone also can't hear it.

I login to my modem router setting page and I saw the db value is very low, u can see it from the picture below :

I worry it will effect my streamyx internet speed or make my internet become unstable.

I did buy new phone and test the new phone on the line but the problem is still the same. The seller of phone tested the phone on his shop and he had confirm that the phone doesn't has any problem, so I think the telephone line/cable has problem.

I contact Telecom phone number 1300889515, then press 1 for English, then press 1 for customer service, then press 1 for home purposes. Then told the customer service : "my house telephone has problem, I can't receive call. I heard ringtone but when I pick up the call, I heard nothing. Then I give my house numbers, my name. Then the customer service asked me to confirm my handphone number because she will contact me back by my handphone number.

I called the customer service at 11a.m and the technician call me back at 3p.m saying he was going to my house now. The technician reach my house at 3.30p.m. He checked the cable outside my house, and really I have lost 1 cable. He said he will come my house tomorow with a new cable. Next day 11a.m morning he come again with a van, and he install a new cable outside my house.

Then he come in my house to test the phone and he saw I didn't use splitter, I used an extension as a splitter actually. He said extension will causing the line noisy, make phone call become very noisy because interruption by internet line. He suggest me to use a splitter. He sold me a splitter (RM20) and a red cable (RM2). The red cable is to connect splitter to house telephone line. You can see the pictures below :

Then I login into my wireless router setting page to check whether or not the problem is fix, and I saw the db already increase as the picture below :

I did test to make phone call, and it works too. So I consider the problem is fully fixed. Happy.

In case Telecom technician didn't go your house after you call them, you can complain it to MCMC. MCMC will help you fix your problem.
You can get the contact info of MCMC from this two websites :

I have copy paste their contact info to below :
Aduan SKMM Hotline: 1-800-888-030 (Monday to Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm excluding public holiday)
Online Complaint :
SMS : SKMM ADUAN [complaints details] and sms to 15888
Fax : 03 - 8688 1880

Posted by Zac1987 on 12 October, 2011


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