About Caroline Product training lesson :

1) About refining cream :
refining cream is the key to prevent pimples.
To cure pimples, apply 2 times refining cream every day.
To prevent pimples, apply 1 time refining cream every day is enough.
I stop 5 days, don't apply refining cream for 5 days, pimples also won't grow, but 6th day i stop, it will grow new pimples. So maximum is 5 days for me to stop using refining cream.

2) About rejuvenation lotion :
Apply rejuvenation onto pimples areas only. And you should not apply it after pimples are gone. Because it will dry out your skin. You apply it only when u have pimple. Apply it then apply refining cream can get faster result.

3) Why label and catalog shows rejuvenation lotion can apply onto whole face? It is because some people face skin is thicken, their skin can stand for the power of rejuvenation lotion, that's why they can apply it onto whole face.

4) Maintainace set for Normal / dry skin :

For poor people :
Deep Cleansing Milk
Facial Foaming Gel
Skin Toner
Dehydrating Serum
UV Cream

For rich people :
Juvane Make Up Remover
Juvane Facial Cleansing Gel
Juvane Emulsion Toner
Juvane Face Firming Activator
Juvane Skin Defender
Juvane BB Cream (SPF40)

5) Different between Oxygen H2O Cream and Hydrating Serum :
- Hydrating serum provide more water and more moisturiser to skin if compare to Oxygen H20 cream.
- Oxygen H2O Cream is not cream actually, the label is wrong, it is gel actually. Some people don't like to use cream, they like to use gel because gel can give cold feeling.

6) Different between UV cream and Arbutin 4:
Arbutin protection moisturizer has 3 functions, moisturising, whitening and sun blocking. It is 40spf sun block. It will give u long term white skin. It is not suitable for oily / pimples problem skin.

uv cream has 1 function only sun block and 25spf only. Although it can give u whitening effect immediately but the whitening effect cannot last for more than a day. Beige color of UV cream is suitable for oily / pimples problem skin because it won't clog pores.

7) Arbutin Whitening cream is more effective than fairness ampoules because expensive, if customer is poor, then take fairness ampoules.

8) If you feel your skin are sentive to arbutin products, if redness appear on your skin after u used arbutin products, please use caroline hydrating serum + repair cream to cure it, because your skin cannot accept arbutin products at begining yet, your skin will need 1 month to learn how to accept arbutin product. If your skin is senstive to Arbutin products at begining, please follow the steps below :
1st day apply arbutin.
2nd day and 3rd day apply hydrating serum + repair cream.
4th day apply arbutin.
5th day and 6th day apply hydrating serum + repair cream
7th day apply arbutin.
Continue use alternatively like that for 1 month, then u can start using arbutin everyday without applying hydrating serum and reppair cream anymore.

9) Ampoules always used with Ultrasonic in salon shop, it will be less effective if without ultrasonic, u can use dermaroller to replace ultrasonic, dermaroller is rm95 per piece.

10) For people who don't have pimples, they must not use 2in1 purifying cleanser and they must not use Facial cleanser foam, because both products are for oily / acne problem skin people. If the people don't have pimples but use any of the 2 products, it will be too dry for their skin. Normal / dry skin people only suitable to use Deep Cleansing Milk and Facial Foaming Gel.

11) It is better to use both Deep Cleansing Milk and Facial Foaming Gel together, they work together. Deep cleansing milk is to remove the dusts and make up. Firstly apply Deep Cleansing Milk on face, massage it, DO NOT wash it with water, just use tisu paper to rub away it. Then Clean your face with Facial Foaming Gel.

12) What happen if using Deep Cleansing Milk without Facial Foaming Gel? You will feel your face is oily because Deep Cleansing Milk is oily.

13) What happen if using Facial Foaming Gel without Deep Cleansing Milk? You will feel your face become dry.

14) Do not ask those red sensitive skin people use whitening products. Many sellers misunderstand whitening products can cure redness marks but actually whitening products will make their skin become more and more sensitive... Customers will angry u if u spoil their face by suggesting wrong products for them

Question : Is it Dermadex and Caroline is the same? because i saw their refining cream and cleanser textures and smell are the same...
Answer : No, they are not the same, Dermadex refining cream is too power, 3 days can cure all pimples but it will dry out your skin too fast, and it will make your skin thinner become sensitive skin. Caroline refining cream is less power, 7 days to cure pimples, slow but safe, it won't make your skin thinner and won't make your skin dry.

Question : Do you wrap the products with burble paper when u are posting it to customers?
Answer : No, because the bottles of caroline product are very hard, won't break. Sometime the astringent fall off is because the pump bottle leak because the factory workers didn't spin close tightly the pump head. It is the responsibility of seller to check whether or not the pump head is spin close tightly. I always check it before I post it, so don't worry.

Question : Why your refining cream is different color than other? What is different between milky color and orange color of refining cream? Why your refining cream has small small thing like crystal?
Answer : People complain orange color refining cream darken their skin colour after using it for more than a year, so company change the color to milky color / yellow color / white color. Many customers say they prefer yellow and milky color refining because it give more cold and more effective than orange refining.

People complain the sand alike small small thing injure their skin when massage refining onto their skin, so company melt out all the small small things into cream.

Question : Are your products authentic?
Answer : There is no unauthentic caroline product on the market, so please stop listening to the fool from other sellers, they cannot offer u cheaper price, so they cheat their customers those cheaper price products are not authentic. You can't even can find an unauthentic product on the market. All my products are authentic, and all caroline products on the market are aunthentic too. Thank you.

Question : Pregnant woman can use Caroline skin care products ?
Answer : Can.

Question : I want to buy purifying cream, do u have ready stock?
Answer : Sorry, Purifying Cream is out of stock. Whole market also no stock because factory didn't produce it anymore. Factory is doing research to improve the ingredient quality, after they found the way to improve it, then only they will produce the new version of Purifying cream. I don't know when the factory will reproduce purifying cream, I will let u know after I receive the news about it. Thanks.

Question : What is different between purifying cream and purifying ampoules?
Answer : Purifying cream for daily use at home. Purifying ampoules for treatment with ultrasonic or dermarolling in salon.

Posted by Zac1987 on 25 February, 2012


  1. Anonymous Said,

    hai,can i know the soothing/whitening creamy mask is suitable for oily skin or not?

    Posted on 9:31 PM, April 17, 2012

  2. Zac Ang Said,

    @1, Yes, soothing/whitening creamy mask is suitable for oily skin.

    Posted on 10:18 PM, April 17, 2012


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