My old printer Canon mp160 is broken... when printing, half paper can be inserted only, I need to use my hand to push in full paper then only can print. and the scanner can scan 3/4 page only. I need to scare 2 times then use photoshop to combine the 2 scanned images. It is very inconvenient, so I decide to bring it to Canon Service centre to repair it. The service centre address is on this two pages :

Computer shops always told us that buy a new 1 is worth than repair because repairing fee is expensive but this is not true. I took my printer to Canon service center to repair, and the technician told me to go home wait for the news, she will phone calling me after knowing the repairing fee, if repairing fee is too expensive, then she can use my old printer to trade-in new printer. The original price of new printer model Canon E500 is rm269 and trade-in price is rm225 only, so it save rm44 only if trade-in with my old broken printer. I don't think pc shop allow to trade-in, that's why i recommend to take your old broken printer to canon service centre to repair / trade-in new printer.

After 1 hour, she phone me and told me the printing insert paper problem is already fixed. Now left only the problem of scanning is not fixed yet. The repairing fee for scanning function is rm275 (rm200 logic board + rm75 service charge). He told me can get 2nd hand logic board at rm100. But Total repairing fee would be rm175, trade-in new printer price is rm220 plus having 3 years warranty for the new printer, so he suggest me trade-in rather than repair.

Then I call my fren (a seller in computer shop) to ask the price of Canon E500, he told me that he can sell me at rm199 only. I was stupid to believe my friend. I told the technician that computer shop can sell it at rm199, and why ur trade-in price is even expensive than the computer shop price? Then he asked me go buy from computer shop is better. Then I said ok and I want take back my old broken printer since can print already but just cannot scan full page yet. He said he need to charge me rm30 fee for checking the problem if i want to take back the printer. And if I don't take it back, he will mark it as disposal which won't charge me any fee. So I can save the rm30 fee if I don't take back my printer. I feel it is wasting space if I bring it home, since my house got 2 printers already.. So I just let him mark as disposal.

So I went to meet my friend in his computer shop, he told me he don't have stock!!! So I went to Prangin Mall and Komtar ICT area to check the price, I realized all 12 computer shops selling it at RM150, so I pretty sure my friend was mistaken about the price, I think he gave me the price of model E278, not E500. Sad case! End up I bought it at rm248 + rm18 (50 pieces glossy photo paper). So how much did I lost because of my stupid blur friend's mistake? Well, trade-in price is rm220, but I bought it at rm248, so I lost rm28. I want to kick my friend!!! Arrrr!

The new printer got 1 year warranty, then if u willing go online register an account for your printer, u can get extra 2 years warranty so total has 3 years warranty. Here is the only registration website link

Below is the picture of Canon mp160 (old broken printer) and Canon E500 new printer.

Posted by Zac1987 on 06 April, 2012


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