You can hold this hand warmer on ur hand when you feel cool under air conditioning or when you go to watch movie in cinema or sitting in Mcd for long time. This hand warmer is also can charge your phone battery.

Available colors :
Snow White - winter snows like white, light, elegant and simple to large end cleverly embellished with bright colors.
Pink - Pink temptation to apply a Prostitute cute girl as lovely, romantic atmosphere.
Rose - a symbol of elegance and crisp, clear and thorough Rose Red, a unique interpretation of gorgeous tone without losing the distinguished beauty.

Function :
Can't hand warmer have a good design appearance (crying)~
Hands feel cold in winter (crying) ~
No idea what present to gift on Christmas New Year's Day Valentine's Day(crying) ~
Worry it is unsafe for children and oldies (crying)~
Please do not cry~ The six features of Poetry Mayer USB Hand Warmer can solve your sadness.

USB Portable Hand Warmer.
Fashion design egg.
Perfect fit hand curve, warm and more comfortable and easy to carry compact size, space.

Please do not cry~ The six features of Poetry Mayer USB Hand Warmer can solve your sadness.

Inspired by the life of the cold winter wind, a hot boiled eggs on the palm of the hand, will be able to get rid of a cold one.
An egg is easy to be hold by adults and children's hands to feel the warm.

Function 01 :
Humane appearance :
Egg-shaped design in one hand , ultra- lightweight electric hand warmer. No longer need to carry big water warmer bag!
Less than 1/3 of Iphone weight.

Function 02 :
Smart Technology :
Appropriate body overheating protection smart chip, It is safe for the oldies and children.

Function 03 :
Able to charge your phone battery.
Not only the hand warmer is small size and cute, but it can charge your phone battery too.

Function 04 :
It is high efficiency.
Direct heating for palms, it can provide heat very fast speed. It can charge your phone for 3-4 hours too.

Function 05 :
Safer :
Lithium polymer battery, electric comprehensive security beyond the mobile phone standard lithium-ion battery safety, storage electric secure. USB low voltage, charge is secure, safety of thermal infrared, you can use it without any worry.

When ordinary lithium-ion battery overcharge, short circuit occurs when the situation inside the battery may be warming up, decomposition cathode material, anode and electrolyte materials are oxidation phenomena, leading to gas expansion and compression to increase the battery, when the pressure reaches a certain degree, an explosion may occur.
The polymer lithium ion battery because of the use of colloidal electrolyte, and does not produce a lot of gas boiling liquid, so it can prevent explosion happen.

Function 06 :
More stylish :
Common USB charging port, cars, computers, charging blossoms .
Many bright colored paint plus Lu quality brushed panel, dazzling magic.

Quality :
This product has been only boutique exported to Japan, the Japanese market for industrial products quality requirements is very high. From ensure safety, practicality to the pursuit of convenience, comfort, efficiency, environmental protection and high standards of strict requirements.
Finally, Japan market accept this product. And this product is claimed to be perfect from appearance to inside detail.

USB Portable Warmer :
Portable charger / power bank.
Stylish, safe, smart, suitable, Heart, peace of mind, intimate.

Parameters :
Name-USB Hand Warmer
Brand - Poetry Mayer
Process - Pearl paint spraying
Available colors - white / pink / violet
Specifications -84 * 46 * 18mm approximately 43g
Power-DC5V (1000MA MAX)
Battery - Lithium-polymer battery
charging Full - about 2 hours
Heating time - about 3-4 hours (depending on use environment)
Supplied accessories - body / charging cable / reverse charging cable / manual / bag
Temperature - the body surface temperature is about 40 degrees

LED lights indicator :
providing heat for warming - Green light on.
Off - Green light off.
Charging - Red light on.
Charging complete - Red light off.
Low Battery - Red Light Flashing.
Reverse charging your phone battery - No light.

Package includes :
1 hand warmer,
1 Flannel bags,
1 Charging cable,
1 Reverse Charging cable,
1 Manual booklet and warranty card.

You can hold this hand warmer on ur hand when you feel cool under air conditioning or when you go to watch movie in cinema or sitting in Mcd for long time. This hand warmer is also can charge your phone battery.

Product :  
Poetry Mayer Hand Warmer 诗美尔暖手器

Price :
RM 88

Postage fee :
West Malaysia = RM5
Sabah / Sarawak = RM10
All other international countries = USD6
Total money that you need to pay = Product price + Postage fee.

Make Payment :
1) If you want to COD, you can meet me at Aeon Mall which is Oposite Tesco Alma at Bukit Mertajam for free of charge. Or pay me rm7 car petrol if you want to meet me at Auto City Penang.

2) Or you can bank in money to my bank account, then sms me (016-4833944) or email ( to tell me that you already paid money to buy what product, your name, phone number and house address. My Bank Account Information:
Maybank Account Number : 107126074177
Name: Ang Eng Keat

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Name : Ang Eng Keat
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Public Bank Account Number : 4529704628
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3) Or you can use Paypal transfer money to me, you need to extra pay RM7 to me if you want to use Paypal transfer money to me because Paypal will charge me RM7 fee. My Paypal email address is and my Paypal name is Zac Ang Eng Keat.

Delivery :
I will post the product to your house address on the same day if I receive your payment before 3p.m, then next day or next next day you will receive it. I will use Poslaju for Malaysia. For International shipping I will use Registered Mail and u will receive it within 2 weeks.

Ps : I'm a trusted seller, you can see I have received many positive comments from the buyers at

Best Regard,
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