If you cannot login BPFK Quest 3 by USB Token, here are solutions :

Steps :
1) Download Digisign ID Basic from www.digicert.com.my Download > Digisign ID Basic. (If the website is not available anymore, then just go download from my webserver at http://2aek.com/inventory/DIGISIGNIDBASIC1.cer

2) Install it.

3) Try to login to Quest 3 again.

4) If still cannot login, please read through solution on this pdf file at http://ctfamalaysia.org/file_dir/1303156844524ce19cb7271.pdf or http://2aek.com/inventory/BPFK-Quest3-TroubleShoot.pdf

Posted by Zac1987 on 26 May, 2015


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