Please follow the steps to register SMT account for new member :
Step 1 : Login to your account by your mobile phone.

Step 2 : Go to Network > Genealogy.

Step 3 : 3rd level must have 6 empty spaces at centre. DO NOT add new member to the 6 empty space. You must tap to open the member id 4864470 or 8934455 to open new page :

Step 4 : Example I have tapped member id 8934455 to open new page. Now I can add new member at first space below 9339671 :

Step 5 : Make sure Sponsor ID is your own ID. Then Ignore Placement ID. Then set Primary Password to the new member last name + 1234. First Name is family name :

Step 6 : Fill the Ewallet Payment ACT amount exactly the same amount of Grand Total, example :

Step 7 : After completed registeration, please print screen the page and send to your member.

Step 8 : Login to your member's account, then go to My Account > Profile > Change Secondary Password to last name + 4321. Then click Update.

Posted by Zac1987 on 08 September, 2016


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