I personally very sure it is good for us. People say if robots exist in future, human will hard to find a job and thus they don't have money to buy food to eat. I say it is wrong because human can buy the robot to help them go into the jungle to hunt food for them. People say if robots exist to replace all human jobs, then human don't need to work at all, so human will white hair, wrinkles on their face, super big tummy, a lot disease and short life time. I say it is wrong too because human can have more enough time to sleep and eat proper and have enough time to care of their health, everyday go jogging and so on since they don't have to spend their time to do jobs.

So, who want to argue with me? any objection? No? So I win... haha.

Posted by Zac1987 on 25 August, 2009


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