Yes, everyone has a pair, and there are too many people in this world, but there is only 1 out of them is my real better-half. So it is very hard to find out my real better-half. We have to be smart enough, luckly enough, concentrate enough, work hard enough in order to find out our real better-half. I can tell you how is your better half features, god separate a 100% human into two different 50% pieces and put them in different places, so how is the god separate the 100% human into two pieces? GOD cut it from the top? or from the side? If from top, then each of 50% part of the human has the same characteristics, he has a eye, another he also has eye, he is male, another him also is a male. Impossible, because if like this, our human-being are not exist in this world until now. So my theory is the god cut the 100% human from side, so 1 has head, another 1 don't have, 1 has hands, but another 1 don't have. Meaning our real batter-half has different characteristics to us, if we stupid, she is smart, if we are fat, she is slim. But please be smart enough, you must estimate how many percentage is your smartness, let say 30% ? so her smartness must be 70%. How to calculate all those percentage? This 1 need hi-tech thingy to help, I cannot help you. Haha. Anyway, all this are my theory, you won't see this theory anywhere. I am going to come out a book to shows all my 99 good theories. For example "Everyone can be perfect". Lame? how? why? impossible? Haha. Just wait for my book ya.

Posted by Zac1987 on 25 August, 2009


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