Today I woke up at 7a.m. Then I download dota 1.24 patch and 6.64 map, then I testing play it because got people want to bet RM100, so I have to test the new map.

After finish testing dota, I brought my brother together went to eat breakfast at a coffee shop.

Then I back home online chat chat and installed Autocad and fixed the msn cannot sign in problem on a client's laptop. Then I did Acronis Backup the laptop into my external hardisk. But the hardisk casing spoiled d, so I went to find a new casing from my messy store room. At last, I found it and success Acronis Backup at 3p.m.

Then I went to post office to post a wig to a customer by Post Express. Officer told me next time I need to come before 3p.m because postman will come to post office get the packages and start delivery to recipient at 3p.m.  Then I went to a pharmacy opposite Chung Ling High School to buy Ultimate Nutrition protein powder but it is out of stock! So I drove long way to Komtar Guardian and Watson to find it, but they don't sell it too. Then I go seek it from the 3 pharmacies opposite Komtar big television there, but none of them got sell it too! So I went to Pragin Mall Guardian and Watson to seek for it, and I still get Nothing!!!

Note : I meet a friend Yi Jun when I walking out from Komtar Watson at level 3, then we keep talking and walking toward the to the 3 pharmacies that opposite Komtar big television, then we walked to pragin mall play basketball machine and he was left before I go to Pragin Watson and Guardian.

Then I gave up and drove faster went home because it is 5.30p.m and I wanted to play basketball since the whether is so nice. After reach home, I changed my basketball suit then I went Lumba Kuda basketball court with my brother to play basketball.

Around 7.30p.m we left the basketball court and then we went to Sunshine Falim buy Ice Kacang and Chen Dui to eat. Then we went to sun shine pharmacy seek for the protein powder, but they doesn't sell it too! Very Sad!

Note: I have injured my leg while playing basketball, My leg knock the stone table when trying to jump out to grab the ball... Below is the picture of my leg injury. It is very pain, sure got a very big bruise (紫血块 / 黑青). You can click the picture to enlarge it.

Posted by Zac1987 on 30 November, 2009


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