Today is 07/12/09.
Around 10.20a.m, my friend asked me to fetch him go to Sunway Carnival shopping complex in Perai. I told him I can fetch him but will be a little bit. So I quickly go to kopi tiam eat breakfast, finish breakfast and back home at 11a.m. Then I fast fast do gym for 1.5 hours so it come to 12.50p.m already. Then I wait my sweat dry. Then I go wash cloth, then I go bath, then I go pack a cd rom (need to pst the cd rom to customer's house in Kuala Lumpur). After finish pack, it is about 2.30p.m, I decide to fetch my friend go perai 1st then only go to post office post the cd rom to customer because post office close at 4p.m. I reach my friend's house at 2.40p.m, we talk a lot in the car, when we are at the middle of Penang Bridge, he told me that he worked for pc fair earn RM800++. Work for 3 days earn RM800 plus!! omg. Then we both get lost, we don't know where is Sunway Carnival. We just wasting time and car fuel 乱乱走,走来走去, then I stop the car beside a coffee shop, open the window to let him ask the people about how to go Sunway, the people told us that "go straight, then turn left, then across a bridge, then turn left again." LOL! So, we just did it and finally we really success found Sunway! Omg. I drop him at Sunway around 3.30p.m. Then I go find a post office, I asked 2 people about where is the post office, I found it at 3.45p.m but.... When I walking into the post office, I saw the counter got a notice board "post laju service is close, operate hour is from 9a.m to 3p.m only". Then only I realize I forgot post laju change time d. Last time 4p.m only close, now 3p.m close d!! So, I just sms the customer to say sorry to her, told her that I cannot post it today, tomorrow only I can post it. She said "ok, never mind".

Then I went to Sunway Carnival shopping. Wow, there got a lot of shops, just like QBM, but it is smaller, and only 3 levels. lol. I spend RM5 to pay games at the gaming center to waste my time until 6p.m then I sms my friend see whether he want me fetch him go back to Penang Island or not, but he said it is ok, don't need to fo back Penang Island. So, I just back home alone. I don't know the way to go home! I just drive lai drive ki, very enjoy of driving my car 到处乱走. Haha. Then I success find the Penang Bridge, I paid RM7 at the toll at about 6.40p.m, then I start worry it will have traffic jam on the bridge but I was wrong! There is no traffic jam, I drive 90km/hour all the time on the bridge.

At the middle on the bridge, a police car is beside me, then got a people phone me, so I drive faster to in front to far far away from the police car, then I took out my handphone and answer the call, the people speak like ant, his voice is so low and he speak fast like bullet, he asked "is it Zac?", I answered "what? pardon?". He said "Am I talking to Zac or Dog or something else?", I feel like wah lao him, no manner! But I just answered "er, I am driving now, can you call me later? after 10 minutes call me back ok?". Then he said ok. lol.

After reach my house, he phone me again and said he want me design a logo for him, then I said "ok, you have to pay me RM90 then only I can start design it", then he said ok and I receive his RM90 payment at my bank account after 10 minutes. lol.

At 10.20p.m, a client phone me to Chung Ling bus-station to sell him a external cd rom, so I just bring the cd rom to him at 10.30p.m then he paid me RM59. Then I drive long way to go Air-Itam, then Falim to find a clinic to buy sleeping pill, but all clinics are closed!!!! Omg, luckly got 1 clinic that near Chung Ling school is still open. It will close at 11p.m, so I fast fast go into the clinic because it is already 10.50p.m!! Then I asked the doctor "I want to buy sleeping pill, because I cannot sleep", the doctor asked "how long you got insomnia?". I answered "5 years already". He asked "you always eat sleeping pill is it?", I said "no, this is the 1st time.", He said "huh? 5 years already, not only take pill for 1st time?" lol. Then he sell me 10 pieces of sleeping pills at rm20.

Before go buy sleeping pills, I have did some research on sleeping pills. This two websites are quite useful for sleeping pills information > and

Finish writing this blog at 3a.m, then I cut half piece of the sleeping pill to eat, it broken become powder when I am cutting it, so I just eat the powder, damn the taste is like shit! and the taste stay on my tongue for so long even I keep drink water! omg. I want to vomit now. I am still awake now! The sleeping is not function? =.=

Posted by Zac1987 on 08 December, 2009

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  1. Anonymous Said,

    diam lah....

    Posted on 7:47 PM, August 02, 2011


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