Who want to earn some pocket money through the Internet?

Method 1 :
There are some website that give u money if you uploading your files to their website:

1 - Register an account. It's free, fast and easy
2 - Upload a file to us using one of the tools that we provide, and copy the download link
3 - Post this download link on your website or just any forum or blog where people share their files
4 - Now every time a user downloads your file, you earn up to 2 cents. Relax and watch the money flow!

The more people download your files from their website = the more money you can earn. So if you have a file that you feel got many people want to download it, go ahead upload it to the website and start earn money!

You can upload your files such as songs, video, software, games, pictures to them. the more people download them = the more money you earn.

Below are the website that will pay you money as what I said above:

Method 2 :
Earn money through bloging such as blogspot.com and wordpress.com

1) Selling your own service or product
Let’s say you were an electrician by trade. You could start a blog sharing your advice and also allow people to contact you for your services. Or what if you were a retired electrician? You could create a product called something like, “101 best ever electric DIY tips” and sell it via your blog.

These are some of the fastest growing products and services that sell on the web:
Products:Books, Gifts, Gadgets, Software.
Services:,Web design, hosting, marketing, building, Writing, graphic design.

2) Google Adsense
It is one of the most popular ways to earn money on the internet. Here, you host the ads of other web merchants on your blog. When any user clicks on the ad, you get a portion of the revenue generated. But here, you have to test where to place the adverts. The best place is normally just under the title of the post and before the blog post text starts. But you have to test it. Change the adverts to a different place on your blog and see what difference it makes to your income. One thing I will add – don’t expect to become rich via AdSense. You have to have a huge amount of daily traffic visiting your blog before you start seeing even only $100 a month.

3) Adding affiliate banners and links
Affiliate marketing is basically, where you introduce the buyer to someone else’s service or product, and for the introduction and ultimate sale you receive a commission percentage. Look at almost any blog and you will see banner type adds for products. If you were to click on one of the banners and buy the product, the owner of the blog would receive a commission for that sale. Commissions can be as high as 75%, so if you were to display the right banner ad, you could make a lot of money.

Some of the bigger affiliate marketing companies where you can search for products to promote includes:

Click Bank: http://www.clickbank.com
Pay Dot Com: http://www.paydotcom.com
Commission Junction: http://cj.com/publishers/

4) Amazon is the largest affiliate company around
You can sell Amazon products on your blog. The niche of your blog will determine whether you can make money via Amazon. Again I’m personally in the wrong niches to make any serious money. You have to sell a lot of books at $10 when you are only getting 5% or 10% to make anything serious. But if you are in any physical good niches like TVs, gadgets etc then you can make a good income by selling Amazon products.

5) Writing product reviews
This is another form of making an income via affiliate marketing. Write a review via a blog post of a product or service you have used and benefited from. I recommend you actually use the product or service and benefit from it before you write your review. That way your review will come across as more personal and believable.

6) Selling links
If you have a high traffic to your blog and have obtained a high page rank (PR), you can earn money by selling links i.e. someone puts their link or banner on your site for a monthly fee. If your blog has a high PR, its space can be sold to other bloggers / web merchants. The money that you earn depends on the PR of your blog. Higher the PR, more money you can get.
On my sites, I use all methods listed above except Amazon.

For more information, please check out here :
http://myblog2day.com/what-is-blogging-and-how-do-people-make-money-online.php Don't forget to read all the comments/feedback that people gave to the article, there might be some useful suggestion and idea to guide you earn money though blogging!

Posted by Zac1987 on 04 December, 2009


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