Over time our teeth get dull and yellow because of what we eat and drink. Other teeth whitener products can take days or weeks to whiten your teeth. Professional one hour whitening treatments charge up to RM1500 or more.

Below are some other ways to whiten your teeth in affordable price:

1 - Whitelight Teeth Whitener:
White Light Teeth Whitener Whitens Your Teeth With The Power Of Light. White Light Teeth Whitener is the home solution for millions of Americans because it’s affordable and quick. White Light whitens your teeth in less than 10 minutes. So, if you want to have a whiter and brighter smile TODAY, you can have it in just minutes with White Light.

The advanced light combined with the specially formulated gel, rapidly removes surface stains and penetrates deep to remove embedded stains. Works great on stains caused by coffee, tea, smoking, red wine, fruit juice, aging, and more..

White Light Teeth Whitener removes stains from red wine, coffee, tea, smoking and aging. Your teeth will be noticeably whiter in less than ten minutes. Everyone wants whiter teeth and a whiter, brighter smile can help you look your best. And now, with White Light, you’ll have whiter teeth in just minutes. See the before and after pictures below :
* Whitens in just 10 minutes!
* Simple to use
* Easy to maintain
* Perfect for use before weddings & other big days!
* Weight: 129g

* Easy to use in 3 steps:
* 1.Apply Gel to Dental Tray
* 2.Place Dental Tray on teeth and place Light Transmitter against Dental Tray
* 3.Press the power button to turn on Light Transmitter
* Warnings:
* Some people may experience temporary gum irritation,whitening of gums or tooth sensitivity.This is temporary and not harmful.
* This system has been desighed to whiten natural teeth.It will NOT whiten veneers caps,crowns, dentures, fillings or bridges.
* This product will not whiten stains caused by tetracycline .
* If you have gum disease, or receding gums, consult your dentist befor use.
* Cautions:
* Keep out of reach of children.
* Children under 16 should consult dentist before use
* Not for pregnant women of lactating women.
* Not for use during orthodontics treatment
* No not wear Dental Tray while sleeping

Package including:
* 1 X Light Transmitter
* 1 X Gel and Applicator
* 1 X Applicator Tip
* 1 X Advanced Dental Tray
* 1 X Secret to a Beautiful Smile" booklet
* 2 X CR2025 lithium batteries

a) "I finally called after watching 20 minutes of this 'revolutionary tooth whitening system' using 'light technology'. Boy do I feel like a real jack ass with the light doomaflippy thingy hanging out of my mouth. I spent around $50 for 2 boxes of this crap. And let me tell you.. it is crap. I will update this section if any results change.. but as far as I can see now, this system will do as good as about 4 crest whitening strips.It looks cool like it will work, but it does not, so beware."

b) "This thing is shit, it works abit but it doesnt do jack shit. DO NOT BUY THIS"

Price : I saw sellers from Kuala Lumpur and Penang sell RM65 per pack at online classifies website such as www.ebay.com.my and www.sheryna.com.my.

2 - GoSmile Tube:

GoSmile Smile Whitening System is a 7 day whitening kit that claims to provide noticeable results after just one day, and your most brilliant white smile possible after 7 days. This GoSmile kit contains 14 single-use ampoules in a handy cardboard case. Each day two ampoules are used, one in the morning and one at night, by following three simply steps. Flip the ampoule over in its sleeve, pop the ampoule between your thumb and index finger, and whiten by pointing the brush tip down and rubbing onto teeth in a circular motion while squeezing product onto the brush until the tube is empty. After use, do not rinse your mouth and wait 20 minutes before eating or drinking. It is suggested that GoSmile be used twice annually, but is said to be safe for use up to 4 times annually. The benefits of the GoSmile System over other products is that it contains 6% hydrogen peroxide, 33% more active ingredients, and a special polymer that is more viscous for better adhesion to the tooth surface.

How it works?
You rub your teeth with the GoSmile tube, it can break and remove the stubborn yellow stain on your teeth. The price is about RM350 for 14 tubes. But I saw people sell 10 tubes at RM88 only in www.sheryna.com.my. You rub your teeth with two tubes per day (morning and evening). Do it everyday for a week. Your teeth will become extremely white on 8th day. You can return the product and ask for money back if you cannot see any changes on your teeth. Please view the video below for detail:

Below video is the review of this product:

The before and after pictures of using GoSmile tubes:

3 - iWhite Products:
iWhite company has 3 main products that can whiten our teeth:
1 - whitening
2 - maintaining (after apply whitening treatment, do maintain it)
3 - protect
Check out iwhite websites at: www.iwhite.be/en/products and www.iwhitesmile.com

I saw www.ebay.com.my has seller sell 3x iwhite toothpast at RM80 and iWhite Light Activated Teeth Whitening Kit at RM197.

4 - Strawberry + Baking Soda:
The secret to this inexpensive home whitening method is malic acid, which acts as an astringent to remove surface discoloration. Combined with baking soda, strawberries become a natural tooth-cleanser, buffing away stains from wine, coffee, and dark sodas. While it’s no replacement for a bleaching treatment at your dentist’s office, “this is a fast, cheap way to brighten your smile,” says Adina Carrel, DMD, a dentist in private practice at Manhattan Dental Arts in New York. “Be careful not to use this too often, though, as the acid could damage the enamel on your teeth.”

You need:
1 ripe strawberry
1/2 teaspoon baking soda

Directions: Crush the strawberry to a pulp, then mix with the baking soda until blended. Use a soft toothbrush to spread the mixture onto your teeth. Leave on for 5 minutes, then brush thoroughly with toothpaste to remove the berry–baking soda mix. Rinse. (A little floss will help get rid of any strawberry seeds.) Carrel says you can apply once a week.

To see the reviews and comments, click here: www.ehow.com/how_5149548_whiten-teeth-using-strawberries.html

Posted by Zac1987 on 09 February, 2010


  1. You can use tooth-whitening treatments that would lighten your discoloured teeth and the results are almost immediate.

    Posted on 8:37 PM, April 15, 2013

  2. 100Ghz Said,

    Wow . I must give a try with this product .I got really ugly looking teeth right now , hope it helps after . :DD

    teeth whitening kuala lumpur

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