Now is 3.10a.m on 09/02/2010. I just woke out from sleep. I have a really bad dream just now, lucky my smallest size puppies keep biting the clothes-hanger with her teeth to make noise, to wake me up. Yesterday I have no idea what happen to me, I feel so sleepy for the whole day. Finally I can't stand for it so I went to sleep at 10.40p.m. The I have a bad dream when I was sleeping.

This is how the bad dream started. I was running running running in and out of Komtar, I am like a parkour, just like to keep running and jumping here and there. There is another guy to run and jump with me there. I seem don't know him, we are not talking to each other all the time, we just like to act like a partner to run and jump together.

Then suddenly a group of policemen trying to catch us, we just run and jump in a cloud of people, none of the policemen can catch up our move because we are extremely fast. But when I was at the level 2 in Komtar, a powerful policeman seem very fast enough to catch up my speed. I jump and slide on the stair go down to level 1 where has a Station One cafe there. The policeman behind me also slide on the stair trying to reach me. After then we heard a gun shot from the car park beside us. So the policeman gave up chasing me, he ran to the car park to see what happen, I feel curious, so I also ran to the car park to see.

When I reach the car park, the bad guy with gun just stand beside the policeman, and they are very near to me. When the policeman and the bad guy are talking to each other, the bad guy suddenly use his gun kill the policeman, then he point the gun on me and shoot. I quickly jump to hide on the car that near to me, I just success escape from 1 bullet! OMG! I trying to run to far far away from the bad guy while protected from all those cars in the car-park. The bad guy's gun is quite old and lousy, the speed of bullet is seem to be slower than my speed and because I am too far away from him already, the long distant between me and the gun is too far, so I able to have enough time to move myself away to escape shoot by the every bullets.

Then seem run too far already, I reach another One Station cafe that on the other side, I have no idea why Komtar has 2 of One Station Cafe. When I reach the cafe, I saw the bad guy standing there to drink a cup of coffee, and he is using a gun to point on a policeman who sitting on a chair 5 meter away. So, I quickly steal his gun and use the gun to point on him. The policeman ask me to shoot him, so I just fire, but seem I don't know how to use the gun, the bullet is not come out!! OMG! Then the bad guy took out another gun from his shirt and shoot me, I tried to jump to escape but this time the distant is too close, so he manage to put the bullet on my head. The bullet is from my face go up to my brain. It direct kill me just like that.

After that, he shoot the policeman too. Then he just ran off after he had killed us. Then after few minutes, I have no idea why my soul can act like a normal human walking in the car park, I just don't care of it, I drive my car to go home. When I reach my house, I saw my sister is crying when she saw me, she always get the news very quickly and earlier than newspaper, probably her friend already told her that they saw my death body in Komtar just now. But my parents and brother still don't know I was death. I just walked toward my sister and asked her don't parents about what she know. Then, I just like usual go into my room to bath, then change cloth. I trying to fly because I though a soul can fly, but I fail to do that, I guess I need more practice. Then my dad fetch us go to eat dinner at 7p.m like usual, when we reach the coffee shop, we whole family sit down on a seat. Then my dad go to order food and then he go to buy newspaper. I know he is going to see my face on the newspaper, I don't know what to do that time. I just pray to god don't show my picture on the newspaper. After a while, my dad came back, we all sit together, he sit on opposite of me, then after few pages of newspaper, he look at me with expressionless. He touch my hand and shock "what! Your hand is very cold! Please go far away from us!". I told him "please let me explain, I just want to come back to finish my job, I still have a lot of things not yet finish. Please don't eliminate my soul. My life is full of uncertainty, I plan a lot of things when I am alive but now I am death, how I suppose to achieve my plan? Please give me a chance to finish my plan before I go. I am just like a normal human, I won't hurt you all. So, please don't worry. Then I crying. I crying is because I don't have chance to pay back them for what they have paid to me to grow me up.

Then I heard "ki ki ki ki ki", that is the sound of my smallest size puppy biting the cloth-hanger. My bad dream was ended like this. Then I can't sleep anymore, I go out to take away the cloth-hanger from my puppies, then I go wash my hand and piss. Then I on my computer to blog this. Hahaha.

Posted by Zac1987 on 09 February, 2010


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