6p.m my sister msn asked me "Do you want to go Tesco with me now?"
I replied "no"
7.30p.m I msn asked her "You go d?"
She replied "not yet"
Then I said "I want go Tesco eat" and she replied "ok"
After she bath and eat at home, we go to Tesco.
We went to KFC inside Tesco. I ate KFC Snack Plate and she eat Nugget and Salad.
Then we go shopping in Giant half way, her bf arrive. We 3 people shopping in Giant.

Then he go home park his moto at his house, then I drive Honda City together with my sister go his house fetch him go to Time Square fun fair to play. Seriously there is nothing nice to play =.=|||

Then we went to Gasoline cafe to eat. We sit at the most inside there, surrounded by stones! Wall are stones... I can hear so much echo when I am speaking there. LOL.
I eat Ice-cream, my sister eat mushroom soap, he eat chicken chop. LOL

Below are the pictures that I took with my lousy handphone when eating in Gasoline cafe:

Posted by Zac1987 on 16 March, 2010


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