I have decided to quit my current jobs, No More graphic design, No More website development, No More animation production, No More computer technician and No More businessman anymore. I have 2 projects in hand now, a tuition website and a member card design, after finish this two things, I won't take any projects d, I will pay full time to work for Melaleuca~ WHY??? Well, the reason is:

If I am a father and I have a family, and all my family are depend on me, only me 1 people earning money for them, and if I stay in hospital for 6 month or if I death, my family sure will have financial problems. But if I work for Melaleuca, I will still get my salary when I am not working. It gives me reliable income :)

Even when i am death, the people will still continue go to super market to buy things, so my bank account still will continue receive salary for every month and year without a stop.

Unlike other job, salesgirl, waitress, graphic designer, website developer, all those job are wasting time. when you stay in hospital 6 month cannot work, you won't get salary for 6 month. how sad.

Ask yourself, those Diploma and Degree certificate holder can earn RM100,000 as their salary for every month? And why those house wife from America and Singapore who need to take care of their children every day can earn more than RM20,000 per every month? So, don't waste your time to study further. And if you want to spend more time onto your family, please don't work for time-consuming jobs, work for Melaleuca ba!

Posted by Zac1987 on 03 March, 2010


  1. Sean Manuel Said,

    What are the chances of getting yourself bed-ridden for 6 months? 6 WHOLE MONTHS.

    Besides, have you actually received any payments from this so called "TWI Group"?

    For a company who claims to earn heaps of money through "work-from-home" & "online tools", they certainly have a god awful website to begin with.

    Can you verify if TWIGroup has ANYTHING to do with Melaleuca Malaysia at all?

    Did you pay anything to enroll into this programme? Perhaps for the cost of some "Business Kit" or "Starter Pack"?

    How about all your downlines? Did they do the same thing?

    Can you sit down and calculate, whether you, your upline and downline, are earning money from the commission of Melaleuca products OR earning money by getting people enroll and pay for "Business Packs/Starter Packs"?

    I do not have any qualms against Melaleuca products itself. The product itself looks good.

    But the MLM scheme that it rides on is something you should give yourself reasonable doubts for. Most MLM schemes usually hurt people in the end. They do not guarantee, promise and deliver what they claim to say.

    Again, Can you verify if TWIGroup has ANYTHING to do with Melaleuca Malaysia at all?

    Posted on 5:59 PM, March 03, 2010

  2. Zac Said,

    TWI group is a famous marketing agent in Singapore. 99% of Singaporean know what is TWI group. Melaleuca hire TWI group to be their marketing agent.

    Yes. you can verify Melaleuca by visiting to www.melaleuca.com. They are 24 years in United State and 12 years in Taiwan, and Canada, Japan. And 20th March will launch in Malaysia. Their Malaysia website is www.melaleuca.com.my. The super market is already in Bangsa in KL : http://www.hotfrog.com.my/Companies/Melaleuca-Malaysia.

    I can see some of my downlines from KL, they always meet TWI Group members in the head office of Melaleuca in KL.

    Melaleuca super market already open in Bangsa in KL but there is no products yet, 20th March only the product will arrive. But I already got the products price list from Twi Group.

    So far I have 87 downlines only. All my 87 members will go to Melaleuca super market to buy products after 20th March. Then only I can start earn commission as my salary. I will get my 1st salary on 16th April.

    Melaleuca is not MLM, I google search Melaleuca is mlm or not and I can see a lot of people said it is not a MLM company.

    It is not a direct sale company. It is direct marketing company. It is easy to understand how the system works. Every member have to pay RM200 to buy Melaleuca products for every month. But if you have 8 downlines already, you actually don't need to worry about the RM200, because you can earn 20% from the 8 downlines, the 8 downlines pay rm200 to buy products, you earn RM40 x 8 = RM320. So, you pay rm200, but you earn RM320. It is like you get a rm200 free voucher to shopping and you somemore earn extra rm120 cash!

    I said if you have 8 downlines, you can earn RM320, how if you have 97,000 downlines? So far I already has 87 downlines. Yeah. They will conduct a lot of online seminar to teach us how to get downlines, ensure we will get 5 downlines per day and 150 downlines per month.

    Posted on 6:22 PM, March 03, 2010

  3. Zac Said,

    Do you know Indonesia has 230,000,000 people? Do you know Philippine has 90,000,000 people? So, you can see it is easy for us to get 97,000 downlines actually.

    Posted on 6:24 PM, March 03, 2010

  4. Zac Said,

    Melaleuca afford to pay us so much commission is because Melaleuca never pay money to advertise on tv, radio, newspaper, never pay money to celebrity to advertise the product like shampoo.

    Furthermore, Melaleuca never sell products to middle person, they sell products directly to end users only.

    It is like Melaleuca share the revenue to all their members like us.

    Posted on 6:53 PM, March 03, 2010

  5. yansern Said,

    Actually, you're not looking at it this way.
    So Malaysia has 28,000,000 people. But how many of them are actually adults?
    Also, the products, is it used by a single person or by a family?

    Lets just say, a family has an average of 5 members. So your potential market reduces to 28,000,000/5 = 5,600,000.

    So you're saying that, a person can have a maximum downline of 76,000.
    5,600,000/76,000 = 73.

    Which means, there will be only 73 people in Malaysia who can get 76,000 downline.
    Of course, you wouldn't need 76000 downlines. 100 downlines could earn you RM4000/mth. Enough to survive.

    However, when you calculate the other way around, it doesn't make sense.

    Layer 1 earns RM40 from Layer 6 because he is Layer 1's downline.
    Layer 2 earns RM40 from Layer 6 because he is Layer 2's downline.
    Layer 3 earns RM40 from Layer 6 because he is Layer 3's downline.
    Layer 4 earns RM40 from Layer 6 because he is Layer 4's downline.
    Layer 5 earns RM40 from Layer 6 because he is Layer 5's downline.

    The total cost of pay out by Melaleuca = RM200.

    By the time you reach Layer 6, the entire TREE is FROZEN. Melaleuca is not making money out of it. Instead, it is moving money around.

    By the time Melaleuca has 15,625 members, Melaleuca stops earning money.

    Reaching 76,000 downline is a person is IMPOSSIBLE, not to say 73 person to get 76,000 downline.

    Posted on 10:10 PM, March 03, 2010

  6. Zac Said,

    only 18 or above years-old people can join.
    the products are for single person but husband and wife can create 1 account only, if husband create already, wife cannot create anymore.

    So, if 1 family has 5 people, father, mom, sister, brother, younger brother, they can create 4 accounts in this family.

    So it is not 5,600,000/76000 = 73 and you can find downlines at foreign countries. Malaysia has 28,000,000 people. Indonesia has 230,000,000 people. Philippine has 90,000,000 people. So, you can see it is easy for us to get 97,000 members/downlines actually.

    every member must spend RM225 to buy products for every month, if you didn't buy rm225 products for 2 month, their membership will be canceled.

    so if they want to earn money, if they don't want to lose all their downlines, they sure will keep continue buy rm225 products.

    Every members have to pay RM225 to buy 35 product points for every month. So,

    If your commission is 20%, then 35 product points x 20% = usd7 x 3.6 commission rate = rm25.20.

    If your commission is 7%, then 35 product points x 7% = usd2.45 x 3.6 commission rate = rm8.80.

    So, when 1 of downline pay RM225 to buy 35 product points, Melaleuca boss need to pay (RM25.2 x 1 layer) + (RM8.80 x 6 layers) = rm78.

    So, the cost of 35 product points is RM225(product retail price) - rm78(advertising cost) = rm147.

    note that when you have 1000 downlines, you need to find at least 3 new downlines by yourself then only can get 20% commission, if you fail to do that, you can earn 14% commission only. After you have 2000 downlines, you need to find at least 5 new downline by yourself, then only you can get 20% commission, else u will get only 14%.

    And if you read page 63 of Delivery Wellness booklet, it say "60% are customers, 40% are marketing executive". It mean the customers are more than marketing executive. Furthermore those marketing executive themselves also have to buy products for every month. So Melaleuca can earn profits from Customers and Marketing Executive to pay commission as the salary to those Marketing Executive.

    Posted on 6:42 AM, April 11, 2010


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