Interested to play an Online Earning Money Game? Just need to pay RM11 only already can earn RM48,000 in 2 weeks. This game is available for all 18 years-old and above people. This game is available for ALL countries in the world!

This game won't spend you so much time, you just need to spend 15 minutes to sign up, then spend 1 hour to find two members to sign up to join you. Then you don't need to do anything already. Your job is completed already. You just need to wait for coming 10th 20th 30th day on the month to receive the money!!!

How this work? Simple! U pay RM11 to register an account under me, so u are my member, I can earn RM0.35 from your RM11. Then you ask another 2 people to pay rm11 to join under you become your members, you earn RM0.35 x 2 people = RM0.70. At the same time, I earn your RM0.70 from your two members too.

Totally has 17 levels, so 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x.... 17 times.
So when 1 people pay RM11, the company need to pay RM0.36666 x 17 = RM6.2332 to all members on the 17 levels.

So what you have to do is just pay RM11, then invites two friends to pay RM11 to join you, then you don't need to do anything already, you just need to wait your two members invite other 2 members, then other 2 members invite other 2 members, use your calculator to count. 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 .... 17 times = 131070 members already! You can earn RM0.36666 x 131070 members = RM48k!! Yeah!!

Ofcourse if you want to earn the RM48,000 in more shorten time, you can invite as many members as possible by yourself. For example, if you just invite two people to join you, there are only 2 people are helping you to find new members. So, if you invite 20 people to join you, there are 20 people are helping you to find new members, so it will be more faster to earn the RM48,000.

There are a lot of this online networking earning money games on the market. So far I found 7 of them already. So, after you have 131070 members from this game, you can earn RM48,000 from this game. Furthermore, you can move all your 131070 members to other new game to earn another RM48,000 in maybe just 2 to 5 days!! Yeah!!!

I know it is slow money earning system, because you can earn RM0.36666 per person, you must wait until get 30 members already then only you can earn RM11. If we count that all members at particular level can get 2 new members in a week, we need to wait four month only can have full members on all the 17 levels, we need 4 month only can earn RM48k. How if all members on particular level just can get 2 new members in 1 DAY?? It is 7x faster to get the RM48k, which is 17 days only!! It is about 2 weeks + 3 days already can earn the RM48,000 ! WOW! For more information, please visit this website >

The company pay us money every 10th 20th 30th day on a month, so meaning 1 month we can receive 3 times salary!! Yeah! So, there is no point for us to worry it is a scam! And it is just RM11 only! Compare to RM48,000 after 2 weeks, which 1 will you choose? Fast join me!

This job won't spend you so much time, you just need to spend 15 minutes to sign up, then spend 1 hour to find two members to sign up to join you. Then you don't need to do anything already. Your job is completed already. You just need to wait for coming 10th 20th 30th day on the month to receive the money!!! You can don't need to wait until earn RM48,000 only take out the money, you can take out your money anytime even you just earn RM50, or RM100 also can take out the money already.

How to register an account?
1)- Go to register,

2)After that click Log in, go to your or, check mail, you should receive your Username, something like U1234567, insert that and key in the password that you got just now.

3) Go, you put my username
zac1987 onto "Referrer" field. Then you create your own username onto "Seat 01" field. (Please remember your this username, because you need this username to invite other people join you become your member in future).

A- ($3/RM11)- Seat 01= you only own 1 seat
B- ($9/RM33)- Seat 03= 3 seats you own, and you earn X3 than package A!
C- ($21/RM77)-Seat 07= You own 7 seats, and you earn X7 than package A!

4) Pay money.
  Please bank in RM11 (Seat 01) or RM33 (Seat 03) or RM77 (Seat 07) to my bank account. Please come back to email me at to tell me the date and time that you bank in money.
My Bank Account Information:
Name: Ang Eng Keat
Bank Account Number: 107126074177

5) I will transfer money to the company, then the company will activate your account. You will receive an email from the company about telling you the payment is receive and your account is activated, then you can start finding people to join you already.

There are two types of people. 1 is working smart, another 1 is working hard. You want to work like cow, working hard, I cannot stop you. I just suggest you a way to working smart.

Please see the different between option 1 (work smart) and option 2 (work hard) on this picture, I hope you will choose option 1 on this picture :

You will success in any kind of jobs if you have a lot of contact lists in your hand.

Now you can use this Online Earning Money Game to get 131,070 contact list (name and emails). The best thing is this Online earning Money Game website got show all your members' name and email. For example, see my page, I got two members and it shows their info on the page :

Passive income = the money will come to you by itself, don't need to work also can earn that money.

After you got the 131,070 contact list (name and emails), you can email all your 131,070 members, ask them join a Supermarket CDM, so when 131,070 members buy daily uses products in the supermarket, you can earn 20% commission from them. For example, your 131,070 members go to supermarket RM100 products every month, you can earn 131,070 x RM100 x 20% commission = RM2,621,400 Passive Income every month. Everyone also need to go supermarket to buy daily uses products every month, unless they can 1 month no wash hair, 1 month no bath, 1 month no wash cloth, 1 month no wash face. That's why everyone also will go supermarket buy products, that's why you can earn the RM2.6 million Passive income every month.

you can just sleep at home don't need to work anymore and you still can receive passive income every month continuously non-stop forever until you die, until your next generation die... It won't stop. If you are interested to know the supermarket CDM system, please email me at

Posted by Zac1987 on 10 June, 2010

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