I was slept from 9.30p.m then I woke up at 2.15a.m because I want go to pee. After then, I feel that I cannot sleep anymore, so I opened my computer trying to find something to do. Suddenly I got mood to use Photoshop to create my own Avatar, so I just do it. I spend 2.45 hours to create it and below is my Avatar that I have created :

If you want to create 1 avatar for yourself, this website has tutorial : http://www.photoshopwebsite.com/photoshop-tutorials/15-photoshop-tutorials-to-create-your-own-avatar-movie-look-in-photoshop/

Then, I watched an Interesting video from facebook. The video is about a professor was cycling a motobike performing Free Style, it is very cool!!! I would like to share the video with all my friends through my blog but I worry the video owner will delete the video in future, so I use Freecorder to download the video and then upload it to my you-tube, below is the video :

Posted by Zac1987 on 06 October, 2010


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