My face skin pores are big because I do a lot of sport such as gym, hiking, jogging, basketball and dancing, and I got few acne on my face too. Recently I tried to use Caroline facial products which cost me around RM700 for 6 month, so 1 month cost about RM700 / 6 = RM116 only. Below is the pictures and usages description :

Original skin.

After use it for 3 weeks.
Picture on the left side is a travel set which cost RM150 only but it is for 1 month usages only. I bought it last month and I have used them for 3 weeks already, the result is awesome! My face skin is whiter + smoother + smaller skin pores + less acne. I almost finish the products already, today I am going to buy them again with bigger bottle for 6 month usages which cost about RM700.
The product from the picture above is the facial cleanser foam that I use to wash my face every morning. It is RM111. I apply it on my face and massage it for 2 minutes, then use water to wash it. It opens my skin pores to clean deeply.

Then I apply the Astringent Toner that show from above picture after washing my face. It cost RM99. It closes my skin pores.
Then I use Whitening Cream that show from above picture after applying toner. It cost RM118.
The product from the picture above is the facial cleanser that I use to wash my face at night. I put some water on face skin, then apply the facial cleanser on face as a mask, leave it on my face for 10 minutes to 12 minutes, then wash it away with water. It cost RM126. Then I apply Astringent toner again.
Then I apply Refining Smoothing Cream that show from above picture. It cost RM111.
I also use Eyes Contour Gel 2 times everyday to cure my puffy eyes and dark eyes circles. It cost RM111.
I also apply UV Sun Block cream from above picture when I am outing.

So total is cost around RM111(morning facial cleaning foam) + RM99 (Astringent toner) + RM118 (whitening cream) + RM126 (night facial purifying facial cleanser/mask) + RM111 (refining smoothing cream) + RM111 (eyes contour gel) = RM676 (6 month usages). The seller always do a lot of promotions and discounts. For example this month (October), she do the promotion as shown on the picture below to save my cost :

To cure pimples and prevent pimple breakout, you just need cleanser foam - rm111, skin astringent - rm96, refining cream - rm111, total = RM318 for 3 month usages. So RM106/month only.

Do you want to buy and use them too? If so, please contact the seller at :

Posted by Zac1987 on 06 October, 2010


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