At the midnight around 1.3a.m on 13 October 2010 I drove my car to MCD to buy a large set of Black Pepper Spicy Chicken McDelux and a Sundae Con. Both cost me total of RM14.40. As usual, I don't eat there, I just drove away them to go home eat. After back home, I wanted to take out the french fries from the big pack but I careless took upside down, so all the fries fall on top the burger box. So I decided to take out the burger box and chili sauce, leave the fries inside the big pack. Unfortunately when I was talking out the burger box, the burger fall out from the box and the burger open and the vegetable fall off everywhere on the fries. I feel like want to kill myself, how can I careless this careless that!!! ISH!!! Finally I took out the burger from the big pack and put it onto the burger box. Then I took out my fries from the big pack and put them into the fries pack, below is the picture :

From the above picture, you can see there are still some vegetable and fries on the big pack, I didn't take them out because I lazy to separate the vegetable and fries because I don't eat vegetable, haha. So I just pass the big pack to my rabbit, my rabbit will help me eat up all of them. Can you see my rabbit back on the floor right side there? Haha.

This is my 1st try on Black Pepper Spicy Chicken McDelux, honestly I don't like its taste, it is too dry for me. As I told you, I don't eat vegetable, that's why I took all vegetable out from my burger, haha.

This is my 1st try on Spicy McShaker powder. It taste is very nice but don't eat too much because it harms to our health a lot.

Posted by Zac1987 on 13 October, 2010


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