Last two days ago after I went to donate blood to Lam Wah Ee hospital (info at, then I drove home to eat some food, then I drove to Jeti post office to take my facial care products, then I drove to Prangin Mall barber shop cut my hair. I walked into the barber shop and I saw a girl there so I asked her "Does this shop has man help me to cut my hair?", she answer "sure, please sit there and wait". I personally want a man to help me cut my hair since man know what man need. There got 3 customers, and only two barbers there, so I just sit there and wait for 15 minutes. The handsome barber asked me "what kind of style you want? Then I show him the printed picture about the hair style that I get from google as show below :

He said okay, but after he cut it, he said my hair is too less, he suggest me to perm my hair. After perming my hair become curly, my hair become more shorter. I earlier already asked the barber don't cut my hair too short, because I predict I will need to perm to get my hair curly shape. He didn't listen, he cut until too short, I am so disappointed. Anyway, it cost me RM127. I guess RM100 for perming curly and RM27 for cutting. It took me 4 hours in the barber shop and I didn't eat anything for 4 + 1 hours (went to post office), so I got myself gastric. Below is the pictures that show before and After of my hair :

Posted by Zac1987 on 13 October, 2010


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