I woke up at 8.30a.m on 10 October 2010. It is 10/10/10. Haha. Then I chatting with my friend on MSN, asking him want to follow me go run Air-itam dam now or not. He said his leg is injured, it is pain even run slowly, so he cannot join me. Then I changed my basketball cloth with running shoes (not basketball shoes, haha). Then I went to a coffee shop bought 6 pieces of "Siu Mai" to eat. I was eating siu mai when driving toward Air-itam dam. After 10 minutes, I reach there, I parked my car in the car-park and paid RM2 for the car-park fee (It is so expensive, ish). Then I start run toward the top of dam. I was about more than 1 year didn't run hill already. I spent 45 minutes to reach the top, I walked 90% and run 10% on the journey, haha.

After reaching the top of Air-itam them, I was sit there and enjoy the fresh air and watching the water and mountain, it is so enjoyable. Then I saw 3 pretty girls running into jungle, I want to show off to them, so I tried to run into the jungle with 60% speed then I got lost in the jungle, haha. There is only me 1 person in the jungle, it is kinda scary. I walked walked walked in the jungle because the road is very slant downward, our legs will injured a lot if we run at slant surface, so I just walk, and the 95% of road are very slant downward. I keep break, totally cannot run, after 15 minutes I was so surprise I already reach the bottom of the hill, lol. Then I went to buy two bottles of 菊花茶 at RM3. Then I drove my car to a coffee shop, parked my car and walked to the hardware store (五金店) which is opposite the coffee shop only. I bought an ear plug at RM2.50 only. Last time I went to Watson bought it at RM17.50, but the pattern are not same. Ear plug is use to plug into my ears hole so that I cannot hear anything when I am sleeping, it can make me sleep peace. Below is the picture of the ear plugs that I bought from the hardware store just now :

Then I walked to the coffee shop eat two eggs and kaya roti and orange juice. I was 3 pretty girls there, they watch me and I don't dare to watch them because I feel shy, LOL. Then I drove to the basketball court which near to Shang Wu school to play basketball. I saw there are 10 people is play full court, so there is no place for me to play, so I just sit there and wait them finish the match. When they was playing until score 18 vs 14, I saw the guy still wanna score 2 points, I want to told that team "Hei, it is 18 scores already!! Left 3 points only, if you still do 2 point, then lose already la!!" but I didn't do that because I not sure they want to play how many scores, maybe they want to pay 45 scores? LOL. Then the guy really go score another 2 points and another team scream "We win already!!! They got 20 scores, gg already, HAHA". I felt like what the... Then after they finish the match, I went into the court to play basketball, my leg keep suddenly no energy, I drill the ball 10 times, leg lost energy 7 times (脚软了7次),哈哈。

Then I went home and I took photo on myself with my EX-V7 digital camera, below are the photos that I took :

When running Air-itam dam just now, my head was dizzy and my legs muscles was tired and I was suffering hard to breath, I am so noob!!! Newbie =.=||| Last time I run slow for rest, run 60% speed when I am not tired, run 100% full speed when I saw a people in front of me (want to show off and want to make him give up because I am too fast), LOL. Now? Now I walk for rest also cannot, must stand there to rest, very noob =_______________=. My head was pain like hell when I was suffering for hard breathing just now, my head pain 1 time already want to rest, very noob. Last time I pain 10 times also can keep running. Seem I am too love myself now, I don't want to suffer for pain, ish. Next Sunday I must not love myself anymore!!! I promised myself will train back all my stamina and legs muscles. I will go to run Air-itam dam every Sunday. 1st round use walk 90% and run 10% is okay. Next round I am going to walk 60% and run 40%. Next next round I am going to walk 30% and run 70%. Then 10% and 90% then 0% and 100%, wow!!!

Posted by Zac1987 on 10 October, 2010


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